Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA North American Studies in Combination with another Honours BA Program

This program may be completed in combination with any other honours program, but Anthropology, English, French, Geography, History, Political Science, Religion & Culture and Spanish are particularly appropriate partners for North American Studies. The Combined Honours North American Studies program will consist of 20.0 credits, of which 7.5 credits will be completed in the North American Studies program. No more than 6.0 credits may be at the 100 level.

Required Courses:

3.0 credits in Core courses:
Year 1:
NO101 - Introduction to North American Studies

Year 2:
NO201 - North American Transborder Regions
NO202 - Narrative, Place and Identity in North America

Year 3:
Two of:
NO301/PO301 - North American Integration, or
NO302 - Mexico and Social Change, or
NO303 - Mexican Revolution and Its Aftermath, or
NO309 - Special Topics in North American Studies 

Year 4:
NO401 - Borders and Boundaries in North America
0.5 credit language (Spanish, French or Indigenous)
4.0 credits in the Canadian Studies Stream or the American Studies Stream (students must choose one).

 Year  Canadian Studies Stream
 American Studies Stream
 1 NO110 NO120
 2, 3, 4

NO211, NO315/PO315

plus 2.5 additional credits in Canadian-content courses*

i) HI208, HI209

ii) 1.0 credit from:
 EN218, EN265, EN266, FS249, FS252, FS253, FS254, FS264, FS344, PO225, PO226, PO424

plus 1.5 additional credit in American-content courses*

* These additional courses are to be chosen by the student in consultation with the North American Studies co-ordinator and according to departmentally-approved lists.

North American Studies Experience (NASE):

Students in the Honours Program may undertake a North American Studies Experience to fulfill either
additional Canadian-content or American-content credit in the Streams or, depending on the nature of the experience, the 0.5 credit in language.
The NASE can include: 

  1. Official university exchanges arranged through Laurier International (particularly with Laurier’s American and Mexican partners in the NAFTA Mobility Program)
  2. Participation in summer programs which provide in-depth examination of North America, as agreed with the North American Studies co-ordinator
  3. Individually initiated study/internship opportunities (in Canada for Canadian Stream students, in the U.S. for American Stream students), approved in advance by the North American Studies co-ordinator
  4. Appropriate field studies courses in geography, anthropology and religion & culture.


Given that the focus of undergraduate courses in the Department of Religion & Culture is on “Religious Diversity in North America,” many of the department’s courses will count for both the Canadian Studies and American Studies Streams.

Canadian Studies Stream Courses

NO110 - Canadian Studies: Global Perspectives
NO211 - Canadian Identities and Cultures
NO315/PO315 - Politics and Society in Contemporary Québec

American Studies Stream Courses

NO120 - Introduction to American Studies
HI208 - The United States, 1607-1877
HI209 - The United States from 1877 to the Present
EN218 - Contemporary American Literature
EN265 - American Literature to 1900
EN266 - American Literature of the Early 20th Century
FS249 - Detective Film
FS252 - Film Noir
FS253 - Gangster Film
FS254 - Science Fiction Film
FS264 - American Film, 1929-1969
FS344 - American Film since 1969
PO225 - Government and Politics in the United States I
PO226 - Government and Politics in the United States II
PO424 - American Political Controversies


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision March 3, 2011: Canadian Studies stream revisions; effective September 1, 2011
Editorial Revision April 21, 2012: Removal of HI114* credit weight and contect changed by HI Department; effective September 1, 2011.