Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Honours BA Medieval Studies in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The program for the combined Honours BA in Medieval Studies consists of 20.0 credits, no more than 6.0 credits of which are at the 100 level. Students must take a minimum of 7.0 credits as detailed below, only 1.0 credit of which can be at the 100 level. The limit of 6.0 100 level credits may be waived in the case of 100 level language courses taken by Medieval Studies majors in Year 3 or Year 4.

Students should be aware that some senior courses have prerequisites. Consult the respective course descriptions from the various departments for more information.

Year 1 (1.0 credit)
Core Requirement:
0.5 credit in ML100
0.5 credit in a 100 level course from the following:
HI101 - Medieval Europe, 500-1100
HI102 - The Central and Late Middle Ages, 1100-1450
MU171 - Music History I

Year 2 (2.0 credits)
Core Requirement
0.5 credit in: ML201 or ML202
1.5 credits in 200 level courses from the following:
EN231 - Arthurian Traditions
EN238 - Tolkien and Fantasy
FR232 - French Culture I: The French Battlefield from Fortified Castles to the Saint-Barthélémy
HI215 - Anglo-Saxon England, c. 450-1066
HI216 - England in the Central and Late Middle Ages, 1066-1485
HI224 - The Asian World in Ascendancy, 1000-1700
ML201 - The Church and its Impact (Life and Culture)
ML202 - Privilege and Practice
PP261 - Medieval Philosophy
RE215 - Christianity and Culture: Early to Pre-Modern
(or any senior language course in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin or Spanish); one of ML201 or ML202 if not used in core requirement.
Note: Year 2 Medieval Studies students may take a section of ML300 or EN350/ML350 with the program co-ordinator’s permission, but must also take at least 2.0 credits of 200 level courses listed above (or equivalent in senior language courses).

Year 3 (2.0 credits)
Core requirement:
1.0 credit in ML300 courses
1.0 credit in 300 level courses from the following:
EN372 - Old English I: Language and Literature
EN373 - Old English II: Literature in Context
EN390 - Chaucer I: The Canterbury Tales
EN391 - Chaucer II: Romances, Dream-Vision and Other Works
EN392 - Writers of the Middle Ages
HI310 - The Italian Renaissance, 1350-1530
HI374 - Jews, ‘Witches’ & Heretics: Persecution & Toleration in pre-Modern Europe c. 1050-1700
LA381 - A Survey of Medieval Latin Poetry and Prose
ML350/EN350 - Medieval Drama
(or any senior language course in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin or Spanish); one of ML300 beyond 1.0 credit core requirement.
Note: Year 3 Medieval Studies students may take a 400 level ML course with the ML co-ordinator’s permission. 

Year 4 (2.0 credits)
Core Requirement:
0.5 credit from: ML400, ML401, ML451, ML471/MU471, ML499 (or another appropriate Year 4 course approved in advance by the ML co-ordinator)
1.5 credits in any 300 level courses listed above (not already taken) (or any senior language courses in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Spanish)

Additional Information

It is recommended that students wishing to pursue graduate studies take at least 1.0 credit in Latin and at least 1.0 credit in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Middle English or Anglo-Saxon.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Editorial Revision April 11, 2012: MU370 deleted effective Sept 1, 2011.