Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

History and Philosophy of Science Minor

The HPS Minor requires 3.0 credits, including 0.5 credit from each of the following three categories (A, B and C). The remaining courses are from any of these categories. Students are responsible for meeting course prerequisites and exclusions as directed by the relevant department.

  • No more than 1.0 credit at the 100-level can be counted toward the HPS Minor.
  • No more than 1.0 credit in the honours program(s) can be counted towards the HPS Minor.

A. Core Courses:
HP201 - Revolution in Western Science, from Aristotle to the Enlightenment
HP202 - Science in the Modern World, From 1800 to the Present

B. Disciplinary Courses:
HI342 - Culture and Ideas in the Modern World: Descartes to Darwin
HI343 - Culture and Ideas in the Modern World: Marxism to Post-modernism
HI377 - Science and Environment in Canadian History
HI408* - Reading Seminar on Society and Nature in the Victorian Age
HI424* - Reading Seminar on Nature and Environment in Canadian History
HI425* - Reading Seminar on Science, Culture and Society in Canadian History
PP201 - Reasoning and Argumentation
PP204 - Formal Logic
PP216 - Critical Social Theory
PP217 - Medical Ethics
PP224 - Philosophy and the Environment
PP225 - Theories of Knowledge
PP226 - Philosophy of Science
PP256 - Ancient Philosophy I
PP259 - Ancient Philosophy II
PP262 - Modern Philosophy I
PP263 - Modern Philosophy II
PP264 - 20th-Century Philosophy
HP390 - Directed Study

C. Science in Historical and Philosophical Perspective:
AN202 - Foundations of Anthropological Thought
AS101 - Astronomy I: Our place in the cosmos
AS102 - Astronomy II: Journey through the cosmos
BI226 - Genetics
BI236 - Cell and Molecular Biology
CH313 - Quantum Chemistry
CS213 - Technology and Society
CS304 - Canadian Communication Thought
EC327 - History of Economic Analysis
ES298 - Environmental Thought
GG452 - Development of Geographic Thought
MA233 - Problem Solving in Mathematics
MA235 - Introduction to Game Theory
MA238 - Discrete Mathematics
MA318 - Geometry
PC235 - Classical Mechanics
PC242 - Modern Physics
PO316 - Environment and Natural Resource Politics in Canada
PS390 - History of Psychology
RE203 - Science and Religion
RE216 - Christianity and Modern Culture
SY321 - Sociology of Medicine
SY406 - Environmental Sociology
WS305 - Gender, Culture and Technology