Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA Environmental Studies

The Honours Environmental Studies program consists of 20.0 credits, of which no more than 6.0 may be at the 100 level. A maximum of 13.0 credits may be in Geography and Environmental Studies, including those specified as follows:

Core Courses (8.5 credits):
ES101, ES102, GG101, GG102, ES293, ES298, GG251, GG254,
GG258, GG281, GG282, ES399/GG399.
One of GG260 or GG270;
two of ES291/GG291, ES356/GG356, ES392, ES398/GG398;
one of GG351, GG355, GG360, GG361, GG368, GG369;
one of GG336, GG381, GG382, GG389;

2.5 credits from List 1 (GES electives) of which at least 2.0 credits must be at the 300-400 level and at least 1.0 credit must be from 400 level GG or ES courses (excluding GG451).

7.0 credits selected from disciplines other than GG and ES of which at least 2.0 credits must be from List 2 (non-GES electives).
2.0 credits of GES electives or non-GES electives.

List 1 (GES electives): GG261, GG263, GG294, GG336, GG380, GG381, GG382, GG383, GG384, GG385, GG386, GG388, GG389, GG393, GG395, GG396, GG450*, GG451, GG462, GG480, GG481, GG486; ES290/GG290, ES291/GG291, ES292/GG292, ES295, ES297/GG297, ES356, ES357, ES362/GG362, ES391/GG391, ES392, ES397/GG397, ES398/GG398, ES401*, ES493/GG493, ES494/GG494, ES496.

List 2 (non-GES electives): AN201, AN229, AN338/SY338, AN463, AR246, BI266, BI296, BI300, BI301, BI309, BI400, BI405, BI464, CH233, CH234, EC236, EC238, EC318, GS211, GS212, GS311, GS351, HI342, HI343, HI408*, HI424*, PP223, PP224, PP226, PO220, PO316, WS305.

    Additional Information

    1. For progression into Year 2, a minimum GPA of 5.00 is required in ES101 and ES102 and a minimum GPA of 5.0 in GG101 and GG102. For progression into Year 3 and Year 4, and for graduation, the area of specialization for GPA purposes will consist of all core, list 1 and list 2 courses taken towards the Honours Environmental Studies program.
    2. A minimum of a 0.5 credit must be taken from Curriculum Division A (PP223 recommended).
    3. To count courses other than those in lists 1 and 2 above towards the Honours Environmental Studies program, written permission must be obtained from the Department of GES prior to the commencement of such courses.
    4. Students are advised that many of the courses in the program, especially those in list 2, have prerequisites.


    Senate/Editorial Changes

    Senate Revision January 18, 2011: EC218 changed to EC318; effective July 1, 2011.

    Senate Revision April 25, 2011: HI302* deleted and replaced with HI342 and HI343; effective September 1, 2011.