Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Honours BA Cultural Studies in Combination with another Honours BA program

The combined honours degree in Cultural Studies consists of 20.0 credits, no more than 6.0 of which are at the 100 level. Students must take a minimum of 7.0 credits in Cultural Studies, with a maximum of 1.0 credit in Cultural Studies at the 100 level.

KS100 and KS101
KS205 or KS210
1.0 credit Period Requirement
1.0 credit Theory Requirement
1.5 credits Cultural Studies Core Electives

Theory Requirement (1.0 credit) AN200, CS203, CS204, CS304, EN291, EN333, ES298, FS341, FS342, FS345, PP203, PP216, PP264, PO235, PO236, SY203*, WS303

Period/History Requirement (1.0 credit) AN344, CL204, CL206, EN210, FS240, FS241, FR232, FR233, FR234, GG270, any senior HI credit, LL200, LL201, PP256, PP259, PP262, PP263

KS Core Electives (1.5 credits)
KS205, KS210, KS340 (to a maximum of 1.0 credit), AN316, AN324, AN326, AN328, AN343, CS251, CS312, CS322, CS325, CS350, CS351, EN220, EN281, EN310, FS249, FS251, FS252, FS253, FS254, FS256, FS260, FS360, FS366, FR235, GG271, GG294, GG393, GM314, GS222, GS327, MI201, MI202, PO360, RE212*, RE220, RE265, RE320, SY305, WS203, WS205, WS304, WS305

Additional Information

  1. The topic of the Cultural Studies (KS) Honours Seminar(s) will typically change from year to year. Consult the Cultural Studies Program booklet, bulletin board, website, and/or the KS Co-ordinator for information on seminar topics.
  2. All courses and honours seminars offered exclusively by Cultural Studies have KS200* (or permission of the program co-ordinator or designate) as a prerequisite.
  3. Students should note that courses on the list of KS-approved courses may have their own departmental prerequisites and other exclusions, for which the student is responsible.
  4. Cultural Studies honours students will not be given special permission to enrol in KS-approved courses offered by other departments or programs if these courses are full.
  5. Students are encouraged to consult with the program co-ordinator when selecting courses.
  6. Independent Studies research projects may be substituted for a maximum of 0.5 credits toward core electives with the prior approval of the program co-ordinator or designate.The KS Honours Seminar(s) will typically change from year to year. Consult the KS booklet, bulletin board, website, and/or the KS co-ordinator.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision March 3, 2011: SP217, SP218 deleted; effective September 1, 2011.