Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

Arabic Studies Minor

The Minor in Arabic Studies consists of 3.0 credits, 2.0 are in the target language (AB101, AB102, AB201, and AB202) and 1.0 credit of courses taught in the English language from the following list:

AR226 - Byzantine and Early Islamic Archaeology
GS422 - Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror
HI265 - The Modern Middle East
HI367 - The Middle East and the Cold War
MZ200 - Introduction to Muslim Studies
MZ201/RE213 - Religious Heritage of Islam
NE102 - Myth, Epic and Poetry of the Ancient Near East and Egypt
ML300G - Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Medieval World
RE101 - Religions of the Americas: Asian and Middle Eastern
RE227 - Religions and Cultures of the Middle East
WS307 - Gender and Social Politics in Contemporary Muslim Societies

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision April 25, 2011: Complete program revision including title of minor; effective September 1, 2011.