Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
Canadian Excellence

Honours BSc Biochemistry & Biotechnology

The Honours BSc Biochemistry & Biotechnology program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits with a minimum of 11.0 Chemistry and Biochemistry credits. Not more than 7.0 credits may be at the 100 level. All requirements are contained in the following recommended schedule (refer to Note 1):

Year 1
BI110, BI111, CH110, CH111, both MA100 and MA101 (or MA110*); MA122;
PC131 (or PC141), PC132 (or PC142)
0.5 elective credit (refer to Note 5)

Year 2
CH202, CH203, CH212, CH225, CH250, CH261, CH262
MA240 or MA241
1.0 program elective (refer to Note 6)

Year 3
CH327, CH332, CH350, CH354, CH355, CH356, CH357
0.5 elective credit (refer to note 5)
0.5 program elective credit (refer to note 6)

Year 4
CH450, CH452, CH459
CH451 or BI440
1.0 elective credit (refer to Note 5)
2.0 program elective credits (refer to Note 6)

Additional Information
Regulations and Notes

  1. While the above schedule constitutes the recommended sequence satisfying program requirements, other sequences are possible. Many of the required courses have one or more prerequisites and students are advised to be cautious in departing from the recommended schedule.
  2. All required Mathematics and Physics courses must be completed by the end of Year 2.
  3. Progression into Year 2 requires a minimum GPA of 4.00 in each of CH110, CH111, BI110, BI111 and an overall GPA of 4.00. Progression into Year 3 and Year 4, as well as graduation, requires a minimum GPA of 4.0 in Chemistry and Biochemistry courses and an overall GPA of 4.0.
  4. Progression into Year 3 and Year 4 in the Biochemistry & Biotechnology Honours BSc program requires that all prerequisites for the advanced courses be fulfilled by the end of Year 2.
  5. A total of 2.0 non-program elective credits are available. Students must include at least 0.5 credit from each of Curriculum Divisions A and B. The remaining 1.0 credit may be from any Curriculum Division and may include program elective credits.
  6. Program electives (3.5 credits) must include at least 1.0 credit from CH and at least 1.0 credit BI from the following list:
    CH215, CH301, CH302, CH303, CH360, CH390, CH419, CH432, CH440, CH453, BI402/CH454, CH455, CH456, CH457, CH458, CH490‡, CH495 (Students who are not planning to enroll in CH490‡ must enroll in CH390).
    BI226, BI236, BI276, BI338, BI346, BI374, BI402/CH454, BI476.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Editorial Revision March 4, 2010: Required course BI341 deleted; BI304, BI404, BI420, BI460; effective September 1, 2010.

Senate Revision April 12, 2010: CH454 Cross-listed with BI402; Note 6 revised; Mathematics requirements revised; effective September 1, 2010.