Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2008/2009
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Environment & Society Option

The Environment & Society Option is only available at the Brantford Campus.
Students completing the option must also complete the requirements for the Contemporary Studies (CT) program.

The option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits. Students must complete all required courses (2.5 credits) and a minimum of 1.5 optional credits. A GPA of 6.00 in the courses included in the Environment & Society Option is required to graduate.

Required Courses (2.5 credits)
EY101 - Environment and Society: A Historical Perspective
CT208 - Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
CT212 - Environmental Issues and Responses
PP224 - Philosophy and the Environment
EY302 - Climate Change and Society

Optional Courses
A minimum of 1.5 additional credits chosen from the following:
In choosing from the following list of optional courses, students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the program or department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such

CT111 - Regional Landscapes in Context
CT203/HS203 - Disease and Society
CT450 - The City in Contemporary Life
GS101 - Introduction to Global Studies
GS441 - Ecological Citizenship
HR331 - Human Rights and the Environment
HS303 - Environment and Health
ID201 - Indigenous Perspectives on Global Issues
JN301/EY301 - Environmental Communication
PO316 - Canadian Environmental Politics

Additional Information

The Brantford Campus offers only two general degrees: a BA without a designation, and a BA in Contemporary Studies. No further designation (major, option or minor) is awarded with these degrees.
Students admitted prior to September 2007, who have not allowed an 18-month lapse in course registration and are in good standing in their program/major, may follow the progression regulations that were in effect at the time of their registration in a general major. These students can combine General Contemporary Studies with the Environment and Society Option.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate March 3, 2008: New Environment & Society Option approved; effective Sept 1, 2008.