Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA Global Studies

The Honours Global Studies program consists of 20.0 credits. Not more than 6.0 credits at the 100 level may be counted toward the degree. Of the 20.0 credits, students are required to complete 10.0 GS credits and 1.0 language credit (refer to Language Credit section below).

GS Credit Requirements (10.0 credits):
GS101 and GS102
plus 9.0 senior credits in Global Studies courses, which must include a minimum of:
2.0 credits at the 200 level,
2.0 credits at the 300 level, and
2.0 credits at the 400 level.

Language Credit Requirement (1.0 credit):
In addition to the GS course requirements above, students must also complete a 1.0 credit in non-English language study. Language courses may be taken:
(a) at WLU,
(b) at other recognized universities in Canada, or
(c) abroad on a letter of permission and with the prior written consent of the GS Department.


  1. Culture courses taught in English may not be counted as a substitute. Students who are actively in the process of learning English as a second language in the course of their studies at Laurier may apply to have this requirement waived by the GS Department.
  2. Students may count up to 1.0 credit of senior language courses toward the senior Global Studies credit requirements for the degree.

Additional Information
Optional Global Studies Experience (GSE):

Students in either the Honours or Combined Honours programs may complete an optional experiential learning component, which consists of student-initiated volunteer or work placements abroad or in Canada, followed by completion of GS399*. In all cases, students must apply to the GSE committee for pre-approval of their placements and complete a formal pre-departure process. Applications are judged on their appropriateness with respect to the goals of generating intercultural experiences and augmenting student learning in areas related to the GS curriculum. GS399* is a 1.0 credit course, lasting one semester, which may be counted toward the overall GS credit requirements.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate May 29, 2008: Honours program requirements revised; effective Sept 1, 2008.

June 23, 2008 Correction: 10.0 GS credits (including 9.0 senior credits)  required under University/Faculty of Arts regulations.