Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA French Language and Literature

The Honours French program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, not more than 6.0 of which may be at the 100 level. Students must take at least 11.0 but no more than 12.0 credits in French.

Required courses:
FR250, FR251, FR280, FR350, FR450

In addition to the requirements above, the following must be completed at some point in the program: four of the following culture courses: FR232, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR236, FR237, FR238 (these culture courses are a prerequisite for literature courses); FR332 or FR433; FR336 or FR437; two of FR334, FR335, FR434, FR435.

Program Notes:

  1. Students with Ontario Grade 12U or OAC standing or equivalent French take FR230. Those from francophone high school must take FR250. All students registered in FR230 must take a test administered during orientation week to evaluate their proficiency in French. French immersion students should consult the department concerning advanced placement in courses. Such advanced placement may depend upon the results of a test administered before the beginning of a term.
  2. Students with Ontario grade 11 take FR203. Those with Ontario grade 10 take FR102. Those below grade 10 or with no prior knowledge of French take FR101.
  3. FR101, FR102 and FR203 are introductory language courses. Students who register in any of these courses must submit an official high school transcript to the instructor as part of their level of competence in order to receive departmental confirmation of registration before the end of the first week of classes. Failure to do so will result in deregistration from the course.
  4. In addition to the required courses, students who intend to go into teaching are advised to take FR260.
  5. Students are encouraged to take part in an exchange program at a French-speaking university. Contact Laurier International for details.
  6. Language courses must be taken in sequence, except with permission of the department.