Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
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Honours BA Archaeology in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours Archaeology program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, of which a maximum of 6.0 may be at the 100 level. A minimum of 9.0 credits must be taken in Archaeology-approved courses. The student must take the core courses and those required in one of four specialized areas: classical, near eastern, North American historical/industrial or North American Prehistoric archaeology. For progression purposes, and for graduation, the cumulative GPA in Honours Archaeology will be calculated on all required courses specified in the core and in the student's area of specialization.

Students will not be permitted to combine the Classical Stream of Honours Archaeology with Honours Classical Studies.

Required Courses

Core Courses: AR101, AR102, AR219* (summer); AR245*, or AR341 and AR360
1.0 Archaeology credit not in the student's area program


CL101, CL102, AR214/CL214, AR215/CL215
1.0 credit from: AR321/CL321, AR323/CL323, AR325/CL325, AR327/CL327, AR329/CL329, AR331/CL331, AR458;
2.0 credits from: GR101, GR102, LA101, LA102, 200 level Greek or Latin

Near Eastern

HB101, HB102, NE101, NE102
3.0 credits from: AR205/RE205, AR206/RE206, AR324, AR326, AR346, AR347, AR420, AR421

North American Historical/Industrial

AR342 and AR241 and 1.0 credit from AR336 and AR218* or AR460*, HI292; HI110*;
1.0 credit French elective (Refer to Note 3)

North American Prehistoric

AN101, AN102; either AR218*, or both AR336 and AN220/AR220; AN235/AR235, AR335, AR460*
1.0 credit French elective (Refer to Note 3)

AR Combined Program Notes:


  1. Students are encouraged to take their field course(s) as early in their program as possible.
  2. Students in Honours Archaeology (North American Prehistoric) in combination with Honours Anthropology may count AN101 and AN102 toward both programs.
  3. Students wishing to fulfill this requirement in a language other than French (e.g., German or Spanish) should consult with the department chair.


Senate/Editorial Changes

May 30, 2007 Senate approved deletion of cross-listings with AN for AR218*, AR241, AR242, AR335, AR460*; effective Sept 1, 2007.