Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Honours BSc Biology and Chemistry

The Honours BSc Biology and Chemistry program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, including at least 6.0 senior credits in Biology and 6.5 senior credits in Chemistry. The program shall include no  more than 6.0 credits at the 100 level and must include the following:

Required Courses:
BI100*; and at least 6.0 senior BI credits
CH110, CH111, CH202, CH203, CH214, CH215, CH225, CH226, CH250, CH261, CH262, CH350; and at least 1.5 additional senior CH credits.
Students intending to take CH490‡ or BI499‡ in Year 4 should take either CH390 or BI399 in Year 3 (refer to Note 5)
Both PC131 and PC132 (or both PC141 and PC142)
MA105, MA122, MA241


  1. Electives (2.5 credits in the program) must include a minimum of 0.5 credits from each of Curriculum Divisions A and B. (refer to Curriculum Divisions).
  2. At least 3.0 credits in BI or CH at the 300 or 400 level must be successfully completed.
  3. At least 3.0 senior BI credits must have a lab component.
  4. Senior honours students are expected to attend all department seminars.
  5. Students who plan to enroll in CH490‡ in Year 4 are encouraged to enroll in CH390 in Year 3. Students not planning to take CH490‡ or BI499‡ must take either CH390 or BI399 (but not both). Students who plan to enroll in BI499‡ in Year 4 (beginning in academic year 2007/08) must enroll in either CH390 or BI399 in their Year 3. Students taking BI490* (until the end of academic year 2006/07) do not need to take either CH390 or BI399.
  6. For progression into Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4, and for graduation, the cumulative GPA is calculated on the Biology and Chemistry courses combined.
  7. The following is a suggested schedule within which all program requirements can be fulfilled. While other sequences are possible, many of the required courses have one or more prerequisites and students are advised to be cautious in departing from the recommended schedule.

Additional Information
Course Schedule

Year 1
BI100*, CH110, CH111
Both PC131 and PC132 (or both PC141 and PC142)
MA105, MA122
1.0 non-science elective credit (refer to Note 1)

Year 2
1.5 BI credits at the 200 or 300 level
CH202, CH203, CH214, CH250, CH261, CH262

Year 3
2.5 senior BI credits
CH215, CH225, CH226, CH350
Either CH390 or BI399 (but not both) (refer to Note 5)

Year 4
2.0 senior credits in Biology
1.5 credits in Chemistry (above may include BI490* (or BI499‡ ) or CH490‡ (but not both; see Note 5) 1.5 senior elective credits approved by the Biology or Chemistry Departments (refer to Note 1)