Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA Mediterranean Studies

The Honours BA Mediterranean Studies program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits (or equivalent), not more than 6.0 of which may be at the 100 level. Students must have 6.0 credits in core courses, 1.0 credit in required courses and 5.0 credits from the electives.

Required Courses:
In addition to the requirements above, students are required to have a working knowledge of two languages offered in the program: Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, in addition to English. Proficiency in the languages will be evaluated by a Language Proficiency Assessment.

I. Core Courses

FR234 - French Culture III: From the "Arc de Triomphe" to the "Tour Eiffel"
FR235 - French Culture IV: Modern Times
FR250 - Language through Popular Culture I
FR251 - Language through Popular Culture II
FR335 - Contemporary Literature: Individual and Society
FR350 - Atelier in Advanced French
FR438 - Francophone Cultures through the Mystery Novel
FR450 - Atelier in French Stylistics
IT201 - Intermediate Italian I
IT202 - Intermediate Italian II
IT395 - Special Topics in Italian Studies
SP220 - Topics in Spanish Culture
SP222 - Introduction to Spanish Literary Texts I
SP223 - Introduction to Spanish Literary Texts II
SP324 - A Journey Through Multicultural Spain
SP325 - Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture
SP351 - Advanced Composition and Conversation I
SP352 - Advanced Composition and Conversation II
SP365 - Spanish Identity through Literature
SP491 - Staging the Other: Hispanic Theatre in Translation

II. Required Courses

MI201 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I
MI202 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II

III. Electives

AB101 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
AB102 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II
AR324 - The Hellenistic and Roman Near East
AR327/CL327 - Hellenistic Art and Architecture
AR331/CL331 - The Art and Architecture of Imperial Rome
CL101 - The Greek World
CL102 - Roman Civilization
CL205 - Classical Mythology
CL214/AR214 - Greek Art and Archaeology
CL215/AR215 - Roman Art and Archaeology
CL225/HI225 - History of Ancient Greece
CL226/HI226 - History of Ancient Rome
FR330 - Advanced Translation I
FR331 - Advanced Translation II
HI353 - The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815
HI354 - France in World War II: Origins and History of the Vichy Regime
HI489* - Napoleon: The Man and His Times
LA101 - Introductory Latin I
LA102 - Introductory Latin II
ML201 - The Church and its Impact (Life and Culture)
ML202 - Privilege and Practice
PO235 - Political Thought from the Greeks to the 18th Century
PORT 101 Introduction to Portuguese I (UW)
PORT 102 Introduction to Portuguese II (UW)
RE204 - Introduction to Judaism
RE213 - The Religious Heritage of Islam
RE227 - Religions and Cultures of the Middle East
RE262/CL262 - Religions of the Greco-Roman World
SP446 - Love in Medieval Spanish Literature
SP451 - Stylistics and Composition I
SP452 - Stylistics and Composition II
SP466 - Selections from Hispanic Authors