Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
Canadian Excellence

Honours BA Global Studies

The Honours Global Studies program consists of 20.0 credits (or equivalent). Not more than 6.0 credits at the 100 level may be counted toward the degree.

Course Requirements:
GS101 and GS102 plus 9.0 senior credits in Global Studies courses which must include:
2.0 credits at the 200 level, 2.0 credits at the 300 level, 2.0 credits at the 400 level, 0.5 credit in the Language Requirement (as outlined below) and 1.0 credit in the Global Studies Experience (detailed below):

Language Requirement (0.5 Credit):
GS students are required to take 0.5 credit in non-English language study. Culture courses taught in English may not be counted as a substitute. These language courses can be taken at WLU, at other recognized universities in Canada, or abroad on a Letter of Permission, with the expressed written permission of the GS Coordinator. Students for whom English is clearly their second language can apply to have this requirement waived by the GS Coordinator.

Global Studies Experience(GSE) (1.0 senior credit):
Students in the honours program are also required to obtain 1.0 credit in an international setting through an approved international experience. This credit may also be used toward the 0.5 language credit. Credits earned abroad that are recognized as GS equivalent courses can also be counted toward the total GS course count.

There are four ways in which this credit can be obtained:

  1. Official University Exchanges arranged through Laurier International.
  2. Individually initiated work/study opportunities, approved in advance by the GS Coordinator.
  3. Group study opportunities, which may be arranged by Laurier, or by other recognized universities in Canada.
  4. Students may also obtain permission from the GS Coordinator to obtain their GSE through a fieldwork or co-op experience within Canada. (Consult the WLU Co-op Office for more information).