Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Children's Education and Development Option

The Children's Education and Development Option is only available at the Brantford Campus. It is designed to provide students taking the Contemporary Studies program with a supplemental course of study focusing on children's issues, with particular emphasis on developmental and educational issues. Students completing the option must complete the requirements for the Contemporary Studies major (CT) major (minimum of 5.0 CT credits as outlined in the Contemporary Studies section).

For graduation, students must have a minimum GPA of 6.0 computed on all 4.0 credits in the option.

Required Courses:
PS100* - Introduction to Psychology
SY101 - Introduction to Sociology
PS275 - Developmental Psychology I: Infancy and Childhood
CO333 - Children's Education and Development Practicum

1.5 additional credits chosen from the following:
CO211 - Special Topics in Children's Education and Development
CO243/CT243 - Mathematics and Teaching I
CO244 - Mathematics and Teaching II
CO303/ID303 - Indigenous Education
CO326/CT326 - Children, Toys and Media
EN201 - Children's Literature
PY239 - Explorations of the Self
PS222 - Behaviour Modification
PS260 - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PS270 - Social Psychology
PS276 - Developmental Psychology II: Adolescence and Young Adulthood
PS283 - Educational Psychology
PS379 - Psychology of Exceptional Children, Youth and Adults
SY201* - Sociology of Families
SY316* - Sociology of Education


  1. Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such arrangements.
  2. No more than 1.0 Irregular credit may be counted toward a general degree, and no more than 3.0 toward an honours degree.
  3. General degrees with no major will be available to students beginning in September 2005. Effective September 2007, the university will offer only three general degrees: both a BA and a BSc with no major, and a BA in Contemporary Studies (available only on the Brantford campus). No further designation (major, option or minor) is awarded with these degrees. Minimum progression and graduation for these three general programs are effective September 2005.
    Students admitted prior to September 2007, who have not allowed an 18-month lapse in course registration and are in good standing in their program/major, may follow the progression regulations that were in effect at the time of their registration in a general major.