Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2013/2014
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Honours BA Economics Program Requirements

All students must adhere to both the university regulations and the school/department regulations unless the written approval of both the department and the dean has been obtained.

The following regulations apply to all Honours BA Economics programs.

  1. Honours BA Economics students (with the exception of Year 3 co-op students) must meet requirements for progression to the next year of their program by April 30 of the current academic year. Year 3 co-op students must meet requirements for progression to Year 4 by August 31 of the current academic year.
  2. Progression Requirements: refer to the academic regulations sections of the program charts which follow and the Progression section of the Undergraduate University Regulations chapter for the Applied Economics program. Students who fail to meet requirements for progression to the next year of the program must proceed in the general BA program or may be required to withdraw if general progression requirements have not been met.
  3. Year 1 Honours Economics students who have not successfully completed EC120, EC140 and one of MA103, MA110*, MA129 or MA130 by May 1 may not proceed to Year 2 of the Honours Economics program. A Year 1 student who has not completed 5.0 credits or has failed an elective course may proceed as long as GPA requirements are satisfied.
  4. Year 2 and Year 3 Honours Economics students who have not completed all of the courses specified for a particular year of the program or have failed a course may proceed to the next year of the program provided they satisfy all GPA requirements. A failed course must be repeated if it is a required course. If the failed course is not a required course, a student may repeat it or take an additional course. When a course is repeated, only the grade received in the last attempt will be used to calculate the GPA, providing no more than 2.0 credits have been repeated. If a failed course is not repeated, the 'F' grade will be included in the student's GPA.
  5. In exceptional cases a student may be exempted from completion of a required course if the appropriate grade has been attained in an equivalent or related course.
  6. Students may not declare a substitute for a course previously attempted.
  7. Year 4 students will normally meet graduation requirements by April 30 (regular) or August 31 (co-op) of the current academic year. Year 4 students who have not met all of the requirements for graduation by those dates may proceed to meet those requirements within one calendar year of those dates.
  8. A student who has successfully completed all of the courses of their Honours BA Economics program, but who has not achieved the GPA required for graduation from that program, may elect to receive a BA degree (without General or Honours) which denotes the field of specialization of the honours program and any eligible options or minors. An overall and major GPA of 5.00 must be met.

Refer also to the Co-operative Option section.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision May 28, 2013: New BA degree option after four years of an honours program; effective May 28, 2013.