Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2009/2010
Canadian Excellence

Cultural Analysis and Social Theory


Participating Graduate Faculty

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CQ600 Colloquium 0.5
CQ601 Cultural Analysis and Social Theory 0.5
CQ602 Approaches to Cultural Analysis 0.5
CQ610 Race, Gender and Imperialism 0.5
CQ611 Religion and Social Change 0.5
CQ612 [Trans] National Identities, New Media/tions and the Place of the Public 0.5
CQ613 Nostalgia and Exile: Memory, History, Identity 0.5
CQ614 Language Policies and the Politics of Language Identity 0.5
CQ615 Theories of Multiculturalism and Intercultural Dialogue 0.5
CQ620 Transforming Bodies 0.5
CQ621 The Social Body 0.5
CQ623 Technologies of Gender: Female Bodies and Feminist Communities in Cyberspace 0.5
CQ624 Rethinking the Body via Deleuze and Guattari 0.5
CQ630 Risk, Media and the Politics of Anxiety 0.5
CQ631 Cultural Studies in Theory and Practice 0.5
CQ632 Hybrid Discourses, Discourses of Hybridity 0.5
CQ633 Power, Hegemony and Resistance 0.5
CQ634 Visuality and Cultural Analysis 0.5
CQ650 Directed Study 0.5
CQ695 Major Research Paper 1.0