Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2008/2009
Canadian Excellence

Religion and Culture
Department of Religion and Culture

Department of Religion and Culture

Graduate Faculty Graduate Faculty - University of Waterloo
  • M. Darrol Bryant, PhD (St. Michael's)
  • Lorne Dawson, PhD (McMaster)
  • James A. Diamond, PhD (Toronto)
  • Mavis L. Fenn, PhD (McMaster)
  • Peter Frick, PhD (McMaster)
  • James Gollnick, PhD (Toronto)
  • A. James Reimer, PhD (St. Michael's)
  • David A. Seljak, PhD (McGill)
  • Cristina Vanin, PhD (Boston College / Andover Newton)
  • Thomas Yoder Neufeld, ThD (Harvard)

Approved Field for the PhD Program

  • Religious Diversity in North America

Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
RE600 Issues in the Academic Study of Religion 0.5
RE601 Fieldwork in Religious Studies 0.5
RE602 Interdisciplinary Seminar 0.5
RE611 Advanced Fieldwork in Religious Studies 1.0
RE620 Eras of Religious History I 0.5
RE621 Eras of Religious History II 0.5
RE622 Textual Studies I 0.5
RE623 Textual Studies II 0.5
RE624 Religious Figures I 0.5
RE625 Religious Figures II 0.5
RE626 Archaeology, Architecture, Art 0.5
RE630 Ritual Studies 0.5
RE631 Ethics 0.5
RE632 Religion and Society 0.5
RE633 Religion and the Individual 0.5
RE634 Cosmologies and Mythologies 0.5
RE680 Advanced Field Studies in Religion 0.5
RE681 Selected Problems in Religion and Culture 0.5
RE683 Themes in Religion and Culture 0.5
RE684 Laboratory Research 0.5
RE685 Methodological Research 0.5
RE691 Directed Study 0.5
RE693 Comprehensive Examination 0.5
RE698 Major Research Project 1.0
RE699 Thesis 0.0
RE700 Religious Diversity in North America 0.5
RE701 Case Studies in Religion 0.5
RE702 Research Languages in Religious Studies 0.0
RE703 Directed Study 0.5
RE704 Special Topics 0.5
RE800 General Examination 0.0
RE801 Field Examination 0.0
RE898 Public Presentation 0.0
RE899 Doctoral Dissertation 0.0