Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2005/2006
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Department of Philosophy

The Guelph-Laurier-McMaster Doctoral Program in Philosophy enables students to access faculty, courses and library materials at all three universities. The program offers supervision in most of the traditional areas of philosophy but the special strengths of the three departments are in continental philosophy, ethics, Greek philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, modern philosophy, philosophical logic and language, philosophy of science and social philosophy.

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Department of Philosophy

Full-time Faculty
  • Neil Campbell, PhD (McMaster), Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Renato Cristi, PhD (Toronto), Professor of Philosophy
  • Leo Groarke, PhD (Western Ontario), Professor of Philosophy; Dean of the Brantford Campus
  • Rockney Jacobsen, PhD (Alberta), Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Robert Litke, PhD (Michigan), Professor of Philosophy
  • Jill Rusin, PhD (Johns Hopkins), Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Allison Weir, PhD (York), Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Byron Williston, PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • James Wong, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Philosophy
Laurier - Adjunct McMaster University
  • Barry Allen, PhD (Princeton)
  • Richard Arthur, PhD (Western Ontario)
  • Brian Barrett, PhD (McGill)
  • Diane Enns, PhD (SUNY)
  • Elisabeth Gedge, PhD (Calgary)
  • Nicholas Griffin, PhD (Australian National)
  • David L. Hitchcock, PhD (Claremont)
  • Violetta Igneski, PhD (Toronto)
  • Howard Jones, PhD (Indiana)
  • Jill LeBlanc, PhD (Toronto)
  • Brigitte Sassen, PhD (Pennsylvania State)
  • Mark Vorobej, PhD (Toronto)
  • Wilfrid Waluchow, DPhil (Oxon.)
McMaster University - Adjunct
  • Caroline Bayard, PhD (Toronto)
  • Kenneth Blackwell, PhD (Guelph)
  • G. Brent Madison, PhD (Paris), Professor Emeritus
University of Guelph
  • Andrew Bailey, PhD (Calgary)
  • David Castle, PhD (Guelph)
  • Donald Dedrick, PhD (Toronto)
  • Kenneth Dorter, PhD (Pennsylvania State)
  • Peter Eardly, PhD (Toronto)
  • Karyn Freedman, PhD (Toronto)
  • Jean Harvey, PhD (British Columbia)
  • Jay Lampert, PhD (Toronto)
  • Peter Loptson, PhD (Pittsburgh)
  • Mark McCullagh, PhD (Pittsburgh)
  • John McMurtry, PhD (London)
  • Jeff Mitscherling, PhD (Guelph)
  • Jay Newman, PhD (York)
  • John Russon, PhD (Toronto)
  • Omid Shabani, PhD (Ottawa)
  • Patricia Sheridan, PhD (Western Ontario)
  • Andrew Wayne, PhD (California - San Diego)
  • Karen Wendling, PhD (Toronto)
University of Guelph - Adjunct
  • Hugh Lehman, PhD (Harvard) (Professor Emeritus)
  • John Leslie, MLitt (Oxon) (Professor Emeritus)
  • Tom Settle, PhD (Hong Kong) (Professor Emeritus)
= this person is eligible to supervise doctoral students.

Program Information

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PY701 Language Requirement 0.5
PY780 Selected Topics in Social, Political and Legal Philosophy 0.5
PY781 Selected Topics in the History of Philosophy 0.5
PY782 Selected Topics in Continental Philosophy 0.5
PY783 Selected Topics in Ethics 0.5
PY784 Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Mind and Language 0.5
PY785 Selected Topics in Formal and Philosophical Logic 0.5
PY786 Selected Topics in the Theory of Argumentation 0.5
PY787 Selected Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology 0.5
PY788 Research Seminar 0.5
PY789 Directed Study 0.5
PY791 Qualifying Exam 0.0
PY799 Doctoral Thesis 0.0
PY6000 Value Theory 0.5
PY6060 Logic 0.5
PY6110 Philosophy of Religion 0.5
PY6120 Philosophy of Mind 0.5
PY6140 Existentialism and Phenomenology I 0.5
PY6150 Existentialism and Phenomenology II 0.5
PY6200 Problems of Contemporary Philosophy 0.5
PY6210 Metaphysics 0.5
PY6220 Epistemology 0.5
PY6230 Ethics 0.5
PY6240 Bioethics 0.5
PY6310 Plato 0.5
PY6311 Aristotle 0.5
PY6320 Medieval Philosophy 0.5
PY6340 Modern Philosophy 0.5
PY6500 John Locke 0.5
PY6530 Kant 0.5
PY6600 Social Philosophy 0.5
PY6720 History of Philosophy of Science 0.5
PY6730 Contemporary Philosophy of Science 0.5
PY6740 Philosophy of Biology 0.5
PY6750 Philosophy of Social Science 0.5
PY6760 Science and Ethics 0.5
PY6770 Special Research Paper I 0.5
PY6780 Special Research Paper II 0.5
PY6790 Special Research Paper III 0.5
PY6800 Special Research Paper IV 0.5
PY6900 Reading Course 0.5
PY6930 Selected Topics I 0.5
PY6940 Selected Topics II 0.5
PY6960 Graduate Seminar II 0.5
PY6A03 Early Modern Philosophy 0.5
PY6B03 Theory of Value 0.5
PY6D03 20th-Century Analytic Philosophy 0.5
PY6F03 Recent European Philosophy 0.5
PY6I03 Medieval Philosophy 0.5
PY6K03 Ancient Philosophy 0.5
PY706 Basic Symbolic Logic 0.5
PY720 Reading Course 0.5
PY721 Reading Course 0.5
PY731 Special Studies in Philosophy 0.5
PY743 Graduate Seminar I 0.5
PY744 Graduate Seminar II 0.5
PY750 Selected Topics in Ancient Philosophy 0.5
PY751 Selected Topics in Medieval Philosophy 0.5
PY752 Selected Topics in Modern British Philosophy (1600-1900) 0.5
PY753 Selected Topics in Early Modern European Philosophy (1600-1800) 0.5
PY754 Selected Topics in Kant 0.5
PY755 Selected Topics in 19th-Century European Philosophy 0.5
PY756 Selected Topics in 20th-Century European Philosophy 0.5
PY757 Selected Topics in 20th-Century British Philosophy 0.5
PY758 Selected Topics in American Philosophy 0.5
PY759 Selected Topics in Applied Ethics 0.5
PY760 Selected Topics in Logic and the Theory of Argumentation 0.5
PY761 Selected Topics in Philosophy of Language 0.5
PY762 Selected Topics in Metaphysics 0.5
PY763 Selected Topics in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 0.5
PY764 Selected Topics in Social and Political Philosophy 0.5
PY765 Selected Topics in Ethical Theory 0.5
PY766 Selected Topics in Philosophy of Religion 0.5
PY767 Selected Topics in Aesthetics 0.5
PY768 Selected Topics in Existential Phenomenology and Hermeneutics 0.5
PY769 Selected Topics in Philosophy of Law 0.5
PY770 Selected Topics in Philosophy of Education 0.5
PY771 Selected Topics in Philosophy of Science 0.5