Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
Canadian Excellence

Department Information on this page
  • BA (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Arts
  • BSc (Honours) - Honours Bachelor of Science
  • BA - General BA without Designation
  • CombBA (Honours) - Honours Combination or Joint (BA)
  • Op - Option
  • Mi - Minor
  • CombBSc (Hons) - Honours Combination or Joint (BSc)
General BA without Designation BA
Ancient Mediterranean Studies  
Anthropology BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Arabic (Lang/Lit) Mi
Archaeology BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Classical Studies BA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Co-operative Education Option Op
Communication Studies BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Cultural Studies Program CombBA (Honours) | Mi
English BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Environmental Studies BA (Honours)
Faculty of Arts (Interdisciplinary)  
Film Studies CombBA (Honours) | Mi
French (Lang/Lit) BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Geography BA (Honours) | BSc (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | CombBSc (Hons) | Op | Mi
Geology (GG/ES)  
German (Lang/Lit) Mi
Global Studies BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Greek (Arch/Class) Mi
History BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
History & Philosophy of Science Program Mi
Italian (Lang/Lit) Mi
Languages & Literatures BA (Honours)
Latin (Arch/Class) Mi
Legal Studies Option Op
Management Option (SBE) Op
Medieval Studies Program CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Mediterranean Studies Program BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours)
Music (Fac of Music) Mi
Muslim Studies Option Op
Near Eastern Studies (Arch/Class) BA (Honours) | Op
North American Studies Program CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Philosophy BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Political Science BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Op | Mi
Religion & Culture BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Social Welfare (OC)  
Sociology BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Spanish (Lang/Lit) BA (Honours) | CombBA (Honours) | Mi
Women & Gender Studies Program CombBA (Honours) | Mi