Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012
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Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Honours BA, Options and Minor:

Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Adjunct Professors
  • William Finlayson, PhD, FRS(C)
  • Frances Stewart, PhD
Full-Time Faculty

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
AR101 Archaeology: An Introduction 0.5
AR102 Archaeology: Methods, Theory and Practice 0.5
AR103 Physical Anthropology and Human Prehistory 0.5
AR214 Greek Art and Archaeology 0.5
AR215 Roman Art and Archaeology 0.5
AR217 Archaeological Laboratory Methods 0.5
AR219 Introduction to Field Archaeology 1.0
AR220 Introduction to Human Osteology 0.5
AR223 Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultures 0.5
AR225 The Hellenistic and Roman Near East 0.5
AR226 Byzantine and Early Islamic Archaeology 0.5
AR235 North American Prehistory 0.5
AR241 Historical Archaeology of North America 1500-1900 0.5
AR242 Current Issues in Historical Archaeology 0.5
AR244 Archaeology and the Physical Sciences 0.5
AR246 Environmental Archaeology 0.5
AR305 Archaeology of Egypt 0.5
AR307 Archaeology of Mesopotamia 0.5
AR313 Technology I: Tools, Techniques and Material Culture 0.5
AR321 The Greek Bronze Age 0.5
AR323 Greece and Anatolia in the Iron Age and Archaic Period 0.5
AR325 The Art and Architecture of Classical Greece 0.5
AR327 Hellenistic Art and Architecture 0.5
AR329 The Etruscans and Early Rome 0.5
AR331 The Art and Architecture of Imperial Rome 0.5
AR335 Ontario Prehistory 0.5
AR336 Cultural Resource Management in Archaeology 0.5
AR340 Directed Study in Archaeology 1.0
AR341 Analytical Archaeology 0.5
AR342 Methods and Principles in Industrial Archaeology 0.5
AR343 Topics in Industrial Archaeology 0.5
AR346 Archaeology of Ancient Palestine 0.5
AR347 Archaeology of Syria and Jordan 0.5
AR360 Development of Archaeological Theory 0.5
AR390 Special Topics 0.5
AR405 Forensic Archaeology 0.5
AR420 Early Turkey and Cyprus 0.5
AR421 Burial Customs in the Ancient Levant 0.5
AR440 Directed Study 0.5
AR452 Advanced Field Archaeology 1.0
AR453 Post-Excavation Analysis 0.5
AR461 Theory in Archaeology I 0.5
AR462 Theory in Archaeology II 0.5
AR490 Special Topics 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revisions April 25, 2011: AR458 deleted; effective September 1, 2011.