Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
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Near Eastern Studies (Arch/Class)
Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Full-Time Faculty

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
NE101 First Civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egypt 0.5
NE102 Myth, Epic and Poetry of the Ancient Near East and Egypt 0.5
NE201 History of Mesopotamia 0.5
NE202 History of Ancient Egypt 0.5
NE221 Biblical Hebrew Grammar 0.5
NE222 Biblical Hebrew Narrative 0.5
NE225 The Hellenistic and Roman Near East 0.5
NE226 Byzantine and Early Islamic Archaeology 0.5
NE231 Old Babylonian Grammar 0.5
NE232 Old Babylonian Inscriptions 0.5
NE305 Archaeology of Egypt 0.5
NE307 Archaeology of Mesopotamia 0.5
NE321 Readings in Biblical Hebrew 0.5
NE322 Northwest Semitic Texts and Inscriptions 0.5
NE331 Standard Babylonian and Assyrian 0.5
NE346 Archaeology of Ancient Palestine 0.5
NE347 Archaeology of Syria and Jordan 0.5
NE420 Early Turkey and Cyprus 0.5
NE421 Burial Customs in the Ancient Levant 0.5
NE490 Special Topics 0.5