Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
Canadian Excellence

Children's Education & Development Option

Program Co-ordinator: Peter Farrugia, PhD, (519) 756-8228, ext 5707, pfarrugia@wlu.ca

The Children's Education & Development Option and CO courses are only available at the Brantford Campus.

The Brantford Children's Education and Development Option, combined with Contemporary Studies, is a program designed for students who wish to apply to teacher's college, complete a masters of social work, or move on to employment working with or on behalf of children, after completing their BA. The program is open to high school applicants and mature and transfer students.

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CO Course Notes

The following CO courses are only available at the Brantford Campus.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CO211 Special Topics in Children's Education & Development 0.5
CO230 Children and Music [1] 0.5
CO243 Mathematics and Teaching I 0.5
CO244 Mathematics and Teaching II 0.5
CO333 Children's Education & Development Service Learning 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Addition April 14, 2009: CO230 New Course; effective May 1, 2009.