Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
Canadian Excellence

Classical Studies
Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Honours BA, Options and Minor:

Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies

Full-Time Faculty University of Waterloo Participating Faculty
  • S. L. Ager, PhD
  • L. A. Curchin, PhD
  • R. A. Faber, PhD
  • C. Hardiman, MA
  • D. Porreca, PhD
  • C. Vester, PhD
  • Z. Welch, PhD

Notes: CL Courses

1. Language Courses: (Refer to Greek and Latin sections)
2. Classical Literature will be read in English. No knowledge of Greek or Latin is needed for the following courses:

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CL101 The Greek World 0.5
CL102 Roman Civilization 0.5
CL204 Greek and Roman Mythology: The Gods 0.5
CL206 Greek and Roman Mythology: the Heroes 0.5
CL211 The Development of Greek Literature 0.5
CL212 The Development of Roman Literature 0.5
CL214 Greek Art and Archaeology 0.5
CL215 Roman Art and Archaeology 0.5
CL216 Sport in Greece and Rome 0.5
CL218 Women in Greece and Rome 0.5
CL225 History of Ancient Greece 0.5
CL226 History of Ancient Rome 0.5
CL256 Ancient Philosophy I 0.5
CL259 Ancient Philosophy II 0.5
CL262 Religions of the Greco-Roman World 0.5
CL317 Seminar in Greek History 0.5
CL318 Seminar in Roman History 0.5
CL319 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World 0.5
CL320 The Development of Greek and Roman Drama 0.5
CL321 The Greek Bronze Age 0.5
CL323 Greece and Anatolia in the Iron Age and Archaic Period 0.5
CL325 The Art and Architecture of Classical Greece 0.5
CL327 Hellenistic Art and Architecture 0.5
CL328 Comedy and Romance in Hellenistic Literature 0.5
CL329 The Etruscans and Early Rome 0.5
CL331 The Art and Architecture of Imperial Rome 0.5
CL340 Directed Study in Classics 0.5
CL390 Special Topics 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Deletion April 14, 2009: Honours BA Classical Studies and combination program deleted and replaced with Honours BA Ancient Mediterranean Studies; effective September 1, 2009.

Refer to Archaeology Section for new programs approved April 14, 2009.