Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2009/2010
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Political Science

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PO110 Introduction to Modern Politics: The State 0.5
PO111 Introduction to Modern Politics: Structures and Processes of Government 0.5
PO201 Québec Contexts 0.5
PO204 Politics and Economics 0.5
PO211 Federalism 0.5
PO217 Introductory Methods in Political Science I 0.5
PO218 Introductory Methods in Political Science II 0.5
PO220 Comparative Politics in Developing Countries 0.5
PO221 Comparative Politics in Industrialized Countries 0.5
PO225 Government and Politics in the United States I 0.5
PO226 Government and Politics in the United States II 0.5
PO231 Introduction to World Politics I 0.5
PO232 Introduction to World Politics II 0.5
PO235 Political Thought from the Greeks to the 18th Century 0.5
PO236 Political Thought from the Enlightenment to Marxism 0.5
PO240 Public Opinion and Political Attitudes 0.5
PO263 Politics and Government in Canada 0.5
PO264 The Practice of Politics in Canada 0.5
PO301 North American Integration 0.5
PO310 Special Topics I 0.5
PO311 Special Topics II 0.5
PO312 The Urban Political Process 0.5
PO316 Canadian Environmental Politics 0.5
PO317 Politics in Ontario 0.5
PO318 The Reality of Democracy in Latin America [1] 0.5
PO319 African Politics 0.5
PO320 Women and Politics 0.5
PO323 Modern Diplomacy [2] 0.5
PO327 Peace and Reconstruction 0.5
PO329 Trade Policy 0.5
PO330 International Political Economy 0.5
PO331 Theories of International Politics 0.5
PO332 Global Governance 0.5
PO333 International Law 0.5
PO334 Foreign Policy Analysis 0.5
PO335 Selected Themes in Political Thought 0.5
PO336 Contemporary Political Mass Movements and Ideologies 0.5
PO342 Constitutional Law I 0.5
PO343 Constitutional Law II 0.5
PO344 Introduction to Law 0.5
PO345 Theories of Public Policy 0.5
PO346 Issues in Canadian Policy-making 0.5
PO347 Canadian Public Administration 0.5
PO349 Political Communication 0.5
PO350 Theories of Justice 0.5
PO351 Corruption, Scandal and Political Ethics 0.5
PO360 Electoral Behaviour 0.5
PO370 The Political Economy of Eastern Asia 0.5
PO424 American Political Controversies 0.5
PO440 Readings in 20th Century Political Thought [3] 0.5
PO452 Political Parties 0.5
PO453 Canadian Political Science: A Survey of the Field 0.5
PO454 Interest Groups and Social Movements 0.5
PO455 Canadian Provincial Politics [4] 0.5
PO459 Politics and Governance beyond the State 0.5
PO465 Seminar on Politics and the Media 0.5
PO466 Elections and the Political Order 0.5
PO467 Public Opinion 0.5
PO470 Canada and the Global South 0.5
PO471 Issues in Third World Politics 0.5
PO475 Seminar in International Political Economy 0.5
PO478 Social Science Theories 1.0
PO481 Comparative Ethnic Politics 0.5
PO482 Canada, the US and the UN: Multilateral Cooperation in a One Super-Power World 0.5
PO483 Fascism, Neo-fascism and the Radical Right 0.5
PO485 The Global Environment 0.5
PO486 Theories of International Relations 0.5
PO490 Seminar in Peace and Reconstruction 0.5
PO491 International Human Rights 0.5
PO492 Comparative Genocide Studies 0.5
PO493 Human Rights and Retrospective Justice 0.5
PO496 Advanced Research Methods 0.5
PO497 Special Topics I 0.5
PO498 Special Topics II 0.5
PO499 Directed Studies 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Revision May 28, 2009: PO318 Course title change; effective September 1, 2009.

  2. Senate Addition January 20, 2009: PO323 New course; effective Sept 1, 2009.

  3. Senate Addition May 28, 2009: PO440 New Course; effective September 1, 2009.

  4. Senate Addition January 20, 2009: PO455 New course; effective Sept 1, 2009.