Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2008/2009
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Global Studies

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary department concerned with the study of global societies, issues and events that shape today’s world. The department offers a BA in a single or combined honours program in four years. We cultivate an environment that fosters high academic achievement, while also preparing students for a range of professional careers after graduation.

Students are expected to work through three areas of inquiry: “comparative development,” “peace and conflict,” and “globalization and cultures.” In so doing, they are required to progressively develop their knowledge, proceeding from general concepts and issues into more specific and advanced theories, as well as research methodologies. They are also required to apply a multidisciplinary range of conceptual and analytical tools to think in critical, ethical, and innovative ways. Finally, students are also required to develop a degree of second language competency and may choose to complete an experiential component in their program of study by participating in a volunteer placement nationally or abroad.

Honours BA and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
GS101 Introduction to Global Studies 0.5
GS102 Global Studies: A Case Study 0.5
GS205 The West and the Problem of Modernity 0.5
GS211 The Theories of Development 0.5
GS212 The Practices of Development 0.5
GS221 Globalization and Cultures: The Cosmopolitan Village? [1] 0.5
GS222 Contemporary Western Societies: Globalization and Cultures 0.5
GS231 War and Conflict: An Introduction 0.5
GS232 Peace and Conflict Transformation: An Introduction 0.5
GS300 Global Studies Fieldwork 0.5
GS305 The Individualized World 0.5
GS310 Field Course in Global Studies 1.0
GS311 Neoliberalism and its Critics 0.5
GS323 Global Migrations, Refugees and Diasporas 0.5
GS325 Islam Culture and Society 0.5
GS327 Tourists, Tourism and the Globe [2] 0.5
GS328 Hollywood Triumphant? Examining Cultural Globalization 0.5
GS331 Contemporary Global Conflicts and the Search for Peace 0.5
GS335 Peacebuilding in the Shadow of War [3] 0.5
GS340 Special Topics in Global Studies 0.5
GS350 Directed Studies 0.5
GS351 Nature, Culture and Conflict 0.5
GS360 Directed Studies 1.0
GS361 Disasters and Development 0.5
GS399 The Global Studies Field Seminar 1.0
GS400 Seminar in Global Studies 1.0
GS405 Special Topics in Global Studies 0.5
GS411 Global Justice 1.0
GS421 Ethical Encounters 1.0
GS422 Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror [4] 1.0
GS431 Narratives Of/About Violence 1.0
GS435 Disarming Conflicts 0.5
GS441 Ecological Citizenship 0.5
GS451 City Worlds 1.0
GS461 Global humanitarianism: The paradoxes of giving 1.0

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate May 29, 2008: GS221 Title and description revised; effective Sept 1, 2008.

  2. Editorial Revision: GS327 Exclusion of CS340h deleted; February 27, 2008.

  3. Senate May 29, 2008: GS335 Exclusion added; effective Sept 1, 2008.

  4. Senate Addition April 7, 2008: New Course GS422; effective Sept 1, 2008.