Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
Canadian Excellence

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Honours BA, BSc and Minor:

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

GG Course Notes

For the purposes of teachers' college applications, any course from the
following list is considered a Canadian content course: NO201/GG201, GG232,
GG250, GG256, GG292/ES292, GG350, GG354, GG494/ES494.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
GG101 Introduction to Physical Geography 0.5
GG102 Introduction to Human Geography 0.5
GG201 North American Transborder Regions [1] 0.5
GG231 Risks and Disasters: A Geographical Introduction 0.5
GG232 Landscapes of the Great Lakes Basin 0.5
GG250 Canada 0.5
GG251 Cartography I 0.5
GG254 Geographic Information and Analysis 0.5
GG255 Selected Thematic Geographical Studies 0.5
GG256 Selected Ontario Regions 0.5
GG258 Research Methods in Geography I 0.5
GG260 Principles of Economic Geography 0.5
GG261 Geography of Energy 0.5
GG262 The Geography of Transportation 0.5
GG263 Globalization 0.5
GG265 Urban Spatial Behaviour 0.5
GG270 Cultural/Historical Geography 0.5
GG271 Temporal Perspectives on the City 0.5
GG272 Population Geography 0.5
GG273 Geographies of Health and Disease [2] 0.5
GG281 Atmosphere and Hydrosphere 0.5
GG282 Lithosphere and Biosphere 0.5
GG290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues 0.5
GG291 Geography of Resource Policy and Administration 0.5
GG292 Resources Management in the Great Lakes Basin 0.5
GG294 Geography of Tourism 0.5
GG297 Geography of Water Resources - Canada 0.5
GG300 Directed Studies in Geography 0.5
GG336 Coastal Processes and Landforms 0.5
GG350 Canadian Issues 0.5
GG351 Cartography II 0.5
GG352 A Selected World Region 0.5
GG353 Western Europe 0.5
GG354 The Canadian North 0.5
GG355 Remote Sensing for Geography and Environmental Studies 0.5
GG356 Development and the Environment 0.5
GG360 Research Methods in Geography II 0.5
GG361 Spatial Analysis 0.5
GG363 Industrial Location Geography 0.5
GG364 The Urban System 0.5
GG365 The Internal Structures of Cities 0.5
GG366 Marketing Geography 0.5
GG367 Geographies of Human Development [3] 0.5
GG368 Computer Applications in Geography II 0.5
GG369 Geographical Information Systems I 0.5
GG373 Landscapes and Identities 0.5
GG376 Local Canadian Communities [4] 0.5
GG380 Field and Lab Techniques 0.5
GG381 Hydrology 0.5
GG382 Fluvial Geomorphology 0.5
GG383 Sedimentation 0.5
GG384 Glacial Processes 0.5
GG385 Natural Environments 0.5
GG386 Slope Processes 0.5
GG388 Introductory Physical Climatology 0.5
GG389 Climate Change 0.5
GG391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management 0.5
GG393 Geography of Recreation 0.5
GG394 Geography of Tourism Marketing and Planning 0.5
GG395 The World's Problem Environments 0.5
GG396 Natural Hazards 0.5
GG397 World Water Environment and Development Issues 0.5
GG398 Parks and Protected Areas 0.5
GG399 Third Year Field Studies [5] 0.5
GG450 Thesis 1.0
GG451 Field Studies 0.5
GG452 Development of Geographic Thought 0.5
GG461 Advanced Analysis of Aspects of Urban Geography 0.5
GG462 Models of Systems 0.5
GG468 Advanced Spatial Analysis 0.5
GG469 Geographical Information Systems II 0.5
GG474 Seminar in Cultural Geography 0.5
GG480 Physical Geography Field Project 0.5
GG481 Seminar on Cold Regions 0.5
GG484 Computational Geomorphology 0.5
GG486 Seminar on Coastal Environments 0.5
GG493 Problems in Land Resources Management 0.5
GG494 Northern Resources and Environments 0.5
GG495 Seminar in Tourism Research 0.5
GG499 Directed Studies in Geography 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. March 6, 2007 Senate Revision: NO201 Cross-listing added; effective September 1, 2007.

  2. March 6, 2007 Senate Revision: GG273 Title change; effective September 1, 2007.

  3. Senate Change: GG367 May 10, 2007 Cross-listing with Global Studies deleted; effective Sept 1, 2007.

  4. March 6, 2007 Senate Revision: GG376/CA376 Course description changed; effective September 1, 2007.

  5. March 6, 2007 Senate Revision: GG399 Prerequisite change; effective September 1, 2007.