Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2007/2008
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Film Studies
Department of English & Film Studies

Honours BA in combination and Minor:

Department of English & Film Studies

Full-Time Faculty

Notes: FS Courses

  1. Film Studies courses typically consist of 3 lecture/tutorial hours and 2 film-viewing hours. Films are in English or with English subtitles. Senior Film Studies courses are not available to Year 1 students.
  2. Prerequisites: 300-level courses are open to students who have completed 1.0 credit in FS courses.

Seminar Courses

The 400 level seminar courses given below, are available to Year 4 Honours Film Studies students only. Other students may be admitted by permission of the department.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
FS101 Film and Narrative 0.5
FS102 Film and the Image 0.5
FS103 Film and Genre [1] 0.5
FS240 Film History 1895-1939 0.5
FS242 Film History 1939-1969 0.5
FS243 The Film-Director as Artist 0.5
FS244 Canadian Film 0.5
FS245 Documentary Film 0.5
FS246 German Film 0.5
FS247 Film History since 1969 [2] 0.5
FS248 British Film 0.5
FS249 Hollywood Detective Film 0.5
FS251 Film Comedy 0.5
FS252 Film Noir 0.5
FS253 The Gangster 0.5
FS254 Science Fiction Film 0.5
FS255 The Medieval Era in Film 0.5
FS256 Hitchcock and Modernity 0.5
FS260 Youth Culture in Film 0.5
FS263 Film and Theatre 0.5
FS264 American Film, 1929-1969 0.5
FS300 Themes in European Cinema 0.5
FS331 Script Reading and Writing 0.5
FS335 Aesthetic Practices of Spanish and Latin American Filmmakers 0.5
FS341 Classical Film Theory 0.5
FS342 Contemporary Film Theory 0.5
FS343 Special Topics in Film Studies 0.5
FS344 American Film since 1969 0.5
FS345 Film Theory and Mass Media 0.5
FS349 Film Theory and Melodrama 0.5
FS350 Film Musical/Musical Film 0.5
FS355 Indigenous Cinema: International Perspectives 0.5
FS360 Postcolonialism and Film 0.5
FS361 Gothic Film 0.5
FS362 Gender and Film 0.5
FS366 The Cinematic City: Visuality, Identity, Postmodernity 0.5
FS440 Topics in Contemporary Film Theory 0.5
FS441 Topics in Film and Cultural Studies 0.5
FS442 Topics in Authorship and Film 0.5
FS443 Topics in Gender, Genre and Narrative 0.5
FS444 Topics in Film and the Other Arts 0.5
FS445 Topics in Film Spectatorship 0.5
FS489 Directed Studies 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Title "Film Theory and Genre" editorially revised to "Film and Genre": March 1, 2007

  2. Editorial Revision January 30, 2009: FS342 exclusion deleted from 2006-07 to 2009-10 versions.