Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
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Music Courses: BMus, Diplomas or by Dean's Permission only

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Music 251 Series Courses

MU251 series courses are designed for specific professional training. Students will be admitted based on their programs and their professional goals.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
MU100 Music and its Contexts 0.5
MU107/157 Music Workshop 0.5
MU110 Keyboard Facility 0.5
MU116 Fundamentals of Music Theory and Musical Skills 0.5
MU147/197 Music Workshop 1.0
MU160A Composition IA 0.5
MU160B Composition IB 0.5
MU161 Theory I 0.5
MU162 Theory II 0.5
MU171 Music History I 0.5
MU181 Ensemble 0.5
MU182 Ensemble 0.5
MU183 Chamber Music 0.5
MU186 Musical Skills I 0.25
MU187 Musical Skills II 0.25
MU190A Practical Study 1.0
MU190B Practical Study 1.5
MU195 Further Study in Performance 0.5
MU196 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU202 Approaches to Music Education 0.5
MU203 Methods for Teaching Music at the Intermediate/Senior Levels (Secondary School) [1] 0.5
MU204 Music Education Workshop III 0.5
MU208 Introduction to Elementary Music Education [2] 0.5
MU209 Introduction to the Kodály Method of Music Education 0.5
MU250 Seminar in Secondary Music Education 1.0
MU251A Instrumental Techniques: Percussion 0.5
MU251B Instrumental Techniques: Trumpet and French Horn 0.5
MU251C Instrumental Techniques: Trombone and Tuba 0.5
MU251D Instrumental Techniques: Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone 0.5
MU251E Instrumental Techniques: Oboe and Bassoon 0.5
MU251F Instrumental Techniques: Violin and Viola 0.5
MU251H Instrumental Techniques: Violoncello and Double Bass 0.5
MU251K Instrumental Techniques: Recorder 0.5
MU251L Instrumental Techniques: Guitar 0.5
MU251M Voice Techniques 0.5
MU251N Instrumental Techniques: Guitar 0.5
MU251T Music and New Technology 0.5
MU252 Electro-Acoustic Music 0.5
MU253 Introduction to Accompanying and Keyboard Skills 0.5
MU257 Music Workshop 0.5
MU258 Introduction to Music Therapy 0.5
MU260 Composition II 1.0
MU262 16th-Century Counterpoint 0.5
MU264 Theory III and IV 1.0
MU265 Jazz Harmony I 0.5
MU266 Theory III 0.5
MU267 Jazz Harmony II 0.5
MU268 Theory IV 0.5
MU269 Jazz Arranging I 0.5
MU270 Music History II 0.5
MU271 Music History III 0.5
MU275 Music of the World 0.5
MU281 Ensemble 0.5
MU282 Ensemble 0.5
MU283 Chamber Music 0.5
MU284 Acting for Singers I 0.5
MU286 Musical Skills III 0.25
MU287 Musical Skills IV 0.25
MU290A Practical Study 1.0
MU290B Practical Study for Performance Majors 1.5
MU290D Practical Study for Diploma Students 1.5
MU291 Vocal Literature 0.5
MU292A Organ Literature, Design and Construction to 1700 0.5
MU292B Organ Literature, Design and Construction since 1700 0.5
MU293 Keyboard Literature 0.5
MU294 Diction in Singing 0.5
MU295 Further Study in Performance 0.5
MU296 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU296P Class Piano 0.5
MU297 Music Workshop 1.0
MU298 Introduction to Opera 1.0
MU299 Keyboard Duo/Duet 0.5
MU302 Advanced Methods in Music Education 0.5
MU303 Advanced Methods in Music Education, Secondary Level [3] 0.5
MU308 Advanced Methods in Music Education, Elementary Level [4] 0.5
MU350 Service Learning I 0.5
MU352 Principles of Music Therapy 0.5
MU354 Psychology of Music 0.5
MU357 Music Workshop 0.5
MU358 Choral Techniques I 0.5
MU359 Directed Studies 0.5
MU360 Composition III 1.0
MU361 Theory V 0.5
MU362 Practice of Music Therapy 0.5
MU363 Music Therapy Practica I and II 0.5
MU364 Clinical Improvisation I 0.5
MU365 Improvisation I 0.5
MU367 Theory VI 0.5
MU370 Music in the Middle Ages 0.5
MU371 Music in the Renaissance 0.5
MU372 Music in the Baroque Period 0.5
MU373 Music in the Classical Period 0.5
MU374 Music in the Romantic Period 0.5
MU375 Music in the 20th Century 0.5
MU376 Studies in the History of a Musical Genre 0.5
MU377 Studies in Music Aesthetics and Criticism 0.5
MU378 Studies in the History of Opera 0.5
MU379 Studies in Canadian Music 0.5
MU380 Special Topics in Music 0.5
MU381 Ensemble 0.5
MU382 Ensemble 0.5
MU383 Chamber Music 0.5
MU384 Acting for Singers II 0.5
MU385 Contemporary Musicianship 0.5
MU386 Performance Practice 0.5
MU387 Orchestral Literature 0.5
MU390A Practical Study 1.0
MU390B Practical Study for Performance Majors 1.5
MU390D Practical Study for Diploma Students 1.5
MU391 Vocal Pedagogy 0.5
MU392A Practice and Literature of Church Music I 0.5
MU392B Practice and Literature of Church Music II 0.5
MU393 Accompanying 0.5
MU394 Conducting I 0.5
MU395 Further Study in Performance 0.5
MU396 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU397 Music Workshop 1.0
MU398 Practice of Opera I 1.0
MU399 Keyboard Duo/Duet 0.5
MU402 Seminar in Music Education [5] 0.5
MU450 Service Learning II 0.5
MU453 Theory of Music Therapy 0.5
MU454 Music Therapy Research and Professional Issues 0.5
MU455A Music Therapy Practica III 0.5
MU455B Music Therapy Practica IV 0.5
MU457 Music Workshop 0.5
MU460 Composition IV 1.0
MU461 Music from 1900 to 1945 0.5
MU462 Music since 1945 0.5
MU464 Clinical Improvisation II 0.5
MU465 Improvisation for Organists 0.5
MU470 Music and New Musicology 0.5
MU471 Medieval Culture in Pop or Art Music 0.5
MU472 Cross-Cultural Intersections 0.5
MU473 Music in Popular Culture 0.5
MU474 Music, Culture and Technology 0.5
MU478 Directed Studies 1.0
MU479 Graduation Project 0.5
MU481 Ensemble 0.5
MU482 Ensemble 0.5
MU483 Chamber Music 0.5
MU484 Acting for Singers III 0.5
MU487 Advanced Keyboard Skills 0.5
MU488 Chamber Music 1.0
MU490A Practical Study 1.0
MU490B Practical Study and Recital for Performance Majors 1.5
MU490D Practical Study and Recital 1.5
MU491A Advanced Practical Study 0.5
MU491B Advanced Practical Study 1.0
MU491C Chamber Music Recital 0.5
MU491R Master Class and Recital 0.5
MU492A Music Therapy Clinical Training 0.25
MU492B Music Therapy Clinical Training 0.25
MU492C Music Therapy Clinical Training 0.25
MU493 Piano Pedagogy 0.5
MU494 Conducting II 0.5
MU496 Special Practical Study 0.5
MU497 Music Workshop 1.0
MU498 Practice of Opera II 1.0
MU499 Keyboard Duo/Duet 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Course description changed: Senate Nov 14, 2006

  2. Course description added and title changed Senate Nov 14, 2006

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  4. New course passed and effective @ Senate Nov 14, 2006

  5. New course: passed and effective @ Senate Nov 14, 2006