Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
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Department of Languages & Literatures

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Honours BA, General BA and Minors:

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Department of Languages & Literatures

Full-Time Faculty

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
FR101 Introductory French I 0.5
FR102 Introductory French II 0.5
FR203 French Grammar 0.5
FR230 Practical French I 0.5
FR231 Practical French II 0.5
FR232 French Culture I: From Monoliths to Cathedrals and "Châteaux" 0.5
FR233 French Culture II: From Court-Life to the "Cafés philosophiques" 0.5
FR234 French Culture III: From the "Arc de Triomphe" to the "Tour Eiffel" 0.5
FR235 French Culture IV: Modern Times 0.5
FR236 Québec Culture I: From Explorers to Patriots 0.5
FR237 Québec Culture II: From French Canadian to Québécois 0.5
FR238 Francophone Culture 0.5
FR240 Business French I 0.5
FR241 Business French II 0.5
FR242 Business French III 0.5
FR250 Language through Popular Culture I 0.5
FR251 Language through Popular Culture II 0.5
FR260 French Pronunciation: Norm and Variation 0.5
FR280 Reading(s): An Interactive Approach to Literature 0.5
FR330 Advanced Translation I 0.5
FR331 Advanced Translation II 0.5
FR332 Humanism and "l'Honnête homme" 0.5
FR334 Self and Other 0.5
FR335 Contemporary Literature: Individual and Society 0.5
FR336 Myth and Alienation in French-Canadian Literature Prior to 1960 0.5
FR340 Business French IV 0.5
FR350 Atelier in Advanced French 0.5
FR433 Writers and Reform 0.5
FR434 Passion, Reality and Dream 0.5
FR435 The Search for Identity 0.5
FR437 The Power of Words in Québec Literature after 1960 0.5
FR438 Francophone Cultures through the Mystery Novel 0.5
FR439 Directed Studies 0.5
FR440 Special Topics 0.5
FR450 Atelier in French Stylistics 0.5
FR460 Atelier in Oral Expression through Drama 0.5
FR480 Innovations in French Cinema 0.5