Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Fine Arts

Note that admission into the Fine Arts program has been suspended for 2006-2007.

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Notes: FI Courses

A studio fee is charged for courses that are designated as a Studio course.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
FI100 Art History: A Survey of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture 1.0
FI105 Colour 1.0
FI106 Mark and Image 1.0
FI200 Canadian Art 1.0
FI215 Aesthetics 0.5
FI220 Principles of Form in the Fine Arts 0.5
FI234 Drawing 1.0
FI235 Painting 1.0
FI236 Printmaking 1.0
FI237 Design for Textile 1.0
FI238 Christian Images in Art History 0.5
FI239 Three-Dimensional Design and Sculpture 1.0
FI247 History of Art from the Renaissance to the Present 1.0
FI249 The Art of Paris: Antiquity to the Present 0.5
FI250 19th-Century European Art 1.0
FI300 Special Topics in Art History or Fine Arts Theory 1.0
FI301 Special Topics in Art History or Fine Arts Theory 0.5
FI310 Images of Women in Art 0.5
FI311 Women as Artists 0.5
FI312 Modern Canadian Art to 1960 0.5
FI313 Contemporary Art 0.5
FI314 French Impressionism: Light on Modern Life 0.5
FI315 Form and Expression in Art Therapy 1.0
FI316 Renaissance Art 0.5
FI336 Progressive Studio 1.0
FI340 Directed Studies I: Theory 0.5
FI345 Directed Studies II: Studio Work 0.5