Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
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Communication Studies

Honours BA, General BA, Minor:

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Notes: CS Courses

A studio fee is charged for studio courses (excluding CS207 and CS208).

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CS100 Introduction to Media History 0.5
CS101 Mass Communication in Canada 0.5
CS200 Human Communication Processes 0.5
CS201 Reasoning and Argumentation 0.5
CS202 Nonverbal Communication 0.5
CS203 Conceptual Issues in Communication and Culture 0.5
CS207 Media and Society 0.5
CS208 Graphic Design and Print Media 0.5
CS209 Radio/Audio: Technical Aids to Communication 0.5
CS210 Television: Technology and Modern Media 0.5
CS212 Language, Communication and Culture 0.5
CS213 Technology and Society 0.5
CS235 Communication Research Methods 0.5
CS251 Introduction to Visual Culture 0.5
CS303 History of Communication Thought 0.5
CS304 Canadian Communication Thought 0.5
CS305 Cultural Studies 0.5
CS308 Sociology of Mass Communication 0.5
CS310 The Anthropology of Mass Media in a Globalized World 0.5
CS312 Image, Sound, Text 0.5
CS315 Print Communication and Culture 0.5
CS322 Gender, Communication and Culture 0.5
CS323 Media and Communication Ethics 0.5
CS325 Digital Media and Culture 0.5
CS333 Alternative Media 0.5
CS340 Special Topics 0.5
CS341 Advertising as Communication 0.5
CS350 Political Economy of Communication and Culture 0.5
CS351 Visual Communication and Culture 0.5
CS400 Senior Seminar in Communication Studies 0.5
CS401 Advanced Language and Communication 0.5
CS402 Advanced Media Studies 0.5
CS403 Advanced Culture and Technology 0.5
CS405 Research Seminar 0.5
CS429 Directed Studies 0.5