Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
AN101 Sociocultural Anthropology 0.5
AN102 Physical Anthropology and Human Prehistory 0.5
AN200 Key Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology 0.5
AN201 First Nations Peoples of Canada: Ethnohistorical Perspectives 0.5
AN202 Archaeological Field Seminar 1.0
AN205 Inuit of the Canadian Arctic 0.5
AN210 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics 0.5
AN218 Archaeological Laboratory Methods 1.0
AN220 Introduction to Human Osteology 0.5
AN223 Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultures 0.5
AN224 Anthropology of the Lifecourse 0.5
AN225 Writing Cultures 0.5
AN229 First Nations Peoples of Canada: Contemporary Issues 0.5
AN230 Hunting-Gathering Band Societies 0.5
AN231 Special Topics 1.0
AN232 Special Topics 0.5
AN235 North American Prehistory 0.5
AN236 Caribbean Cultures 0.5
AN241 Historical Archaeology of North America 1500-1900 0.5
AN242 Current Issues in Historical Archaeology 0.5
AN305 Special Topics in Anthropology 1.0
AN307 Special Topics in Anthropology 0.5
AN312 Language and Culture 0.5
AN313 Technology I: Tools, Techniques and Material Culture 0.5
AN314 Material Culture and the Symbolic Order 0.5
AN316 The Anthropology of Art 0.5
AN319 Rites of Passage 0.5
AN321 The Anthropological Study of Inequality 0.5
AN322 Religion, Ritual and Magic 0.5
AN324 Symbolic Systems and Ideologies 0.5
AN325 Directed Studies in Anthropology 1.0
AN326 Culture as Performance 0.5
AN327 Directed Studies in Anthropology 0.5
AN328 Visual Anthropology 0.5
AN331 Political Ecology and Environmental Discourse 0.5
AN332 The Anthropology of Mass Media in a Globalized World 0.5
AN333 Human Rights 0.5
AN334 Folklore, Myth and Oral Narrative 0.5
AN335 Ontario Prehistory 0.5
AN336 Power and Law: An Anthropological Approach 0.5
AN337 Cross-cultural Studies of Change 0.5
AN338 Women and Development 0.5
AN340 The Social Anthropology of India 0.5
AN341 Kinship, Marriage and Gender 0.5
AN342 The Anthropology of SubSaharan Africa 0.5
AN343 Peoples of Latin America 0.5
AN371 History of Anthropological Theory 0.5
AN410 Ethnographic Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology 0.5
AN450 Contemporary Theory and Ethnography 1.0
AN451 Directed Studies 1.0
AN454 Classics in Ethnography 1.0
AN455 Directed Studies 0.5
AN456 Applied Anthropology 0.5
AN457 Seminar: Cosmology and Modes of Thought, A Cross-Cultural Perspective 0.5
AN458 Special Topics in Anthropology 0.5
AN459 Seminar: Culture and Sexuality 0.5
AN460 Theory in Archaeology 1.0
AN461 The Anthropology of Gender and the Body 0.5
AN462 Pidgins and Creoles 0.5
AN490 Thesis 1.0