Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
Canadian Excellence

Women's Studies

Honours Combination BA, General BA and Minor:

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Women's Studies Co-ordinating Committee

Women's Studies Approved Courses

AN338/SY338 - Women and Development
AN341 - Kinship, Marriage and Gender
CL218 - Women in Greece and Rome
EN221 - Women and Print Culture
EN225 - The Woman Writer: Theory and Practice
EN226 - Women in Fiction
EN324 - Canadian Women's Writing
EN325 - Feminist Theory and Cultural Practice: Fiction by Minority Women
FI310 - Images of Women in Art
FI311 - Women as Artists
GG273 - Issues in Medical Geography
GG373 - Landscapes and Identities
GS380/RE380/SY380 - Religion and Social Change
HI271 - Survey of European Women's/Gender History
HI326 - History of Gender Roles from the Industrial Revolution to the Present
HI372 - Colonial and U.S. Women, 1607-1869
PO320 - Women and Politics
PS287 - Psychology of Gender
PY249 - Philosophy and Gender
RE224 - God as Goddess
RE285 - Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora
GS372/RE372 - Women's Lives and Religious Values
SY201* - Sociology of Families
SY204* - Social Inequality
SY233* - Sociology of Women
SY334 - Sociology of Gender

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
WS100 Introduction to Women's Studies 0.5
WS201 Women and Identity 0.5
WS202 Women in Canada 0.5
WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture 0.5
WS204 Women and Work 0.5
WS205 Gender and Visual Culture 0.5
WS207 Indigenous Women 0.5
WS301 Special Topics in Women's Studies 0.5
WS303 Feminist Theory 0.5
WS304 Gender, Race and Transnationalism 0.5
WS305 Gender, Culture and Technology 0.5
WS306 Women and Social Justice 0.5
WS390 Directed Studies 0.5
WS400 Independent Research 0.5
WS490 Advanced Topics in Women's Studies 0.5