Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Honours BA, General BA and Minor:


Full-Time Faculty

Junior HI Courses

Students registering for their first course will normally choose a 1.0-credit course (or equivalent) from HI101 to HI120*. Each course is planned to permit students to achieve a common grounding in historical interpretation and analysis, and in methods of historical research and writing.

Senior and Seminar HI Courses

Senior students without credit in a 100 level history course are eligible to enrol in 200 level courses. Junior students enrolled in a 100 level course may also enrol in certain 200 level courses with permission of the department. Senior students taking history courses as electives may only enrol in 300 level courses with permission of the department.

The following 400 level seminar courses are studies of an advanced nature, conducted in small participating groups in which significant topics of historical interest are explored through reading secondary and primary sources, and through the presentation of student research papers. The seminars are limited to Year 4 Honours History students with other Year 4 students being admitted by permission of the department. Canadian history seminar courses require HI292 and HI293 as prerequisites.

HI Course Note

Not all history courses listed below will be offered in a given year. For a list of courses for this academic year and for a fuller description of course content and requirements for honours and general degree students, consult the departmental brochure available in the History Department office.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
HI101 Medieval Europe, 500-1100 0.5
HI102 The High Middle Ages, 1100-1350 0.5
HI103 Comparative Revolutions and the Modern World 0.5
HI104 Medieval Europe, 500-1350 1.0
HI106 The Western Tradition in World History 1.0
HI108 Europe in the Age of Imperialism and the Great War, 1870-1918 0.5
HI109 20th-Century Europe, 1918-1991 0.5
HI110 Topics in Canadian History 1.0
HI114 Problems in United States History 1.0
HI117 Topics in North American History to the 1860s 0.5
HI118 Topics in North American History from the 1860s 0.5
HI120 World History in the Past and Present: An Introduction 1.0
HI201 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789 0.5
HI202 History of Modern Europe 0.5
HI205 History of Imperial Russia, 1703-1917 0.5
HI206 History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991 0.5
HI208 The United States, 1607-1865 0.5
HI209 The United States from 1865 to the Present 0.5
HI210 German History, 1648-1890 0.5
HI211 German History, 1890-1990 0.5
HI217 British Politics and Society, 1485-1714 0.5
HI218 Modern British History 1714-1914 0.5
HI220 History of French Canada 1.0
HI221 France from the Wars of Religion to Napoleon 0.5
HI222 Modern France Since Napoleon 0.5
HI225 History of Ancient Greece 0.5
HI226 History of Ancient Rome 0.5
HI227 The Origins of Modern Japan 0.5
HI228 Survey of Modern Asian History 0.5
HI229 Survey of African History 0.5
HI230 Canada: The Emergence of Colonial Societies to 1867 1.0
HI232 A History of Sea Power to 1914 0.5
HI233 A History of Sea Power since 1914 0.5
HI240 Canada: From Confederation to the Present Day 1.0
HI245 The History of the Canadian Constitution, 1534 to the Present 0.5
HI246 Canadian External Relations 0.5
HI247 History of the Second World War 1.0
HI248 The Second World War 0.5
HI249 The Impact of the Second World War, 1939-1948 0.5
HI260 History on Film 0.5
HI271 Survey of European Women's/Gender History 0.5
HI292 History of Canada to Confederation 0.5
HI293 History of Canada since Confederation 0.5
HI302 Culture and Ideas in the Modern World 1.0
HI303 A History of Socialism 0.5
HI304 Fascism in Europe, 1919-1945 0.5
HI305 New Dimensions in British Empire and Commonwealth History 1.0
HI306 War and Society in Africa 0.5
HI310 The Italian Renaissance, 1350-1530 0.5
HI311 Christian Humanism and the Reformations 0.5
HI312 Renaissance and Reformation Europe 1.0
HI314 Contemporary Europe 0.5
HI315 East Central Europe in the 20th Century 0.5
HI316 Europe and the New World, 1450-1660 0.5
HI319 The Medieval Foundation of England, 450-1485 1.0
HI320 Canada since 1945 0.5
HI321 Social History of Pre-Industrial Canada 0.5
HI322 Social History of Modern Canada 0.5
HI323 Social History of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, 1780-1850 0.5
HI324 English Government and Society, 1558-1660 0.5
HI325 Imperialism, Race and the Post-Colonial Legacy 0.5
HI326 History of Gender Roles from the Industrial Revolution to the Present 0.5
HI327 Québec in the 20th Century 0.5
HI329 The Making of the Third World: Historical Origins and Development 1.0
HI330 Slavery in the United States 0.5
HI331 African-Americans in the 20th Century 0.5
HI332 The Foreign Relations of the United States in the 20th Century 0.5
HI333 Sport and Society in the United States from 1865 to the Present 0.5
HI334 American Culture and Society in the 20th Century 1.0
HI335 The United States in Latin America since 1898 0.5
HI336 The History of Modern Latin America 0.5
HI337 Canadian Business History 0.5
HI338 Canadian Labour History 0.5
HI339 History of Ontario since 1791 0.5
HI340 History of Western Canada 0.5
HI341 Canadian Military History 0.5
HI342 Culture and Ideas in the Modern World: Descartes to Darwin 0.5
HI343 Culture and Ideas in the Modern World: Marxism to Post-modernism 0.5
HI344 Native Peoples of Eastern Canada 0.5
HI345 Native Peoples of Western Canada 0.5
HI346 Directed Studies 0.5
HI347 Topics in Military History 0.5
HI348 History of International Relations, 1789-1890 0.5
HI349 History of International Relations, 1890-1991 0.5
HI350 Culture and Ideas in Russian History 0.5
HI351 Social History of Russia 0.5
HI353 The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815 0.5
HI354 France in World War II: Origins and History of the Vichy Regime 0.5
HI355 Athletics and Societies in the Modern World 0.5
HI356 History of Modern Education 0.5
HI357 The First World War: The Military Fronts 0.5
HI358 World War I: The Home Fronts 0.5
HI361 History of Poland to the Partitions, 966-1795 0.5
HI362 History of Poland since the Partitions, 1795 to the present 0.5
HI363 Jews in Modern Europe, 1750-1938 0.5
HI364 The Holocaust: Nazi Germany and the Genocide of European Jews 0.5
HI371 Slavery in the Americas, 1549-1888 0.5
HI372 Colonial and U.S. Women, 1607-1869 0.5
HI373 Modern China Since 1644 0.5
HI374 Jews, Witches and Heretics: Persecution and Toleration in pre-Modern Europe (c. 1050-1700) 0.5
HI398 Methods and Philosophy of History 0.5
HI451 Early Modern Europe 1.0
HI452 International Relations of Northeast Asia 1.0
HI453 Post-1945 Europe: Memory, Identity and Protest 1.0
HI454 History of International Relations, 1914-1956 1.0
HI455 German Politics, Culture and Society, 1918-1949 1.0
HI456 American Foreign Policy in the 20th Century 1.0
HI457 Readings and Research in British Imperial and Commonwealth History 1.0
HI458 Society and Nature in the Victorian Age 1.0
HI459 Imperialism and Culture: British Discourses on Race, Gender, Class and Nation, c. 1850-1914 1.0
HI461 War and Society in the 20th Century 1.0
HI463 The Origins of Modern Wars, 1792 to the Present 1.0
HI464 The Boer War: New Approaches, Dimensions and Interpretations 1.0
HI471 Canadian History: The Historical Literature 1.0
HI472 Historical Representations of Canada 1.0
HI473 Home and School: Families and Education in Canada and the United States 1.0
HI474 Nature and Environment in Canadian History 1.0
HI475 Canadian History: Science, Culture and Society 1.0
HI476 Aboriginal North America: Interpreting Native History since Columbus 1.0
HI477 Approaches to Local History 1.0
HI479 History of Canada to 1900 1.0
HI480 Canada in the 20th Century 1.0
HI481 Late Tudor and Early Stuart England 1.0
HI482 British History 1.0
HI484 The United States, 1865-1917: Industrialism and its Response 1.0
HI485 Europe and the Overseas World, 1450-1700 1.0
HI486 Russian Studies 1.0
HI487 A History of Revolutionary and Napoleonic France 1.0
HI488 The Age of the Enlightenment 1.0
HI489 Napoleon: The Man and His Times 1.0
HI490 Roosevelt's America: Depression and War 1.0
HI495 United States: Civil War Era 1.0
HI496 Directed Studies in a Specific Historical Problem 1.0
HI499 Thesis 1.0