Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
Canadian Excellence

Computer Science

Honours BSc, double degrees, General BSc, BA and minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CP102 Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems 0.5
CP104 Introduction to Programming 0.5
CP114 Data Structures I 0.5
CP120 Digital Electronics 0.5
CP200 Electronics Laboratory I 0.25
CP211 File Structures and Processing 0.5
CP213 Introduction to Object-oriented Programming 0.5
CP216 Microprocessor I 0.5
CP264 Data Structures II 0.5
CP300 Electronics Laboratory II 0.25
CP312 Algorithm Design and Analysis I 0.5
CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computation 0.5
CP316 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing 0.5
CP317 Software Engineering 0.5
CP363 Database I 0.5
CP364 Data Communication and Networks 0.5
CP372 Computer Networks 0.5
CP400 Special Topics 0.5
CP411 Computer Graphics 0.5
CP412 Algorithm Design and Analysis II 0.5
CP414 Foundations of Computing 0.5
CP460 Applied Cryptography 0.5
CP461 Introduction to Computational Aspects of Bio-informatics 0.5
CP463 Simulation 0.5
CP464 Selected Topics in Computer Hardware 0.5
CP465 Database II 0.5
CP466 Operating Systems 0.5
CP467 Image Processing & Pattern Recognition 0.5
CP468 Artificial Intelligence 0.5
CP476 Internet Computing 0.5
CP493 Directed Research Project I 0.5
CP494 Directed Research Project II 0.5