Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Honours BSc, BBSc, Joint programs, General BSc and minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CH110 Fundamentals of Chemistry 0.5
CH111 Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium 0.5
CH120 Introductory Chemistry 0.5
CH121 Introduction to Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium 0.5
CH202 Organic Chemistry I: Fundamentals 0.5
CH203 Organic Chemistry II: Structure and Functional Group Chemistry 0.5
CH204 Introductory Organic Chemistry I 0.5
CH205 Introductory Organic Chemistry II 0.5
CH212 Physical Chemistry 1A 0.5
CH213 Physical Chemistry 2A 0.5
CH214 Physical Chemistry 1B 0.5
CH215 Physical Chemistry 2B 0.5
CH220 Analytical Chemistry 1.0
CH225 Inorganic Chemistry I 0.5
CH226 Inorganic Chemistry II 0.5
CH233 Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry 0.5
CH234 Environmental Aquatic Chemistry 0.5
CH240 Introduction to Modern Materials 0.5
CH250 Bio-organic Chemistry 0.5
CH301 Organic Chemistry III: Synthetic Methods 0.5
CH303 Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Structure Elucidation 0.5
CH306 Modern Physical Organic Chemistry 0.5
CH313 Quantum Chemistry 0.5
CH314 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 0.5
CH322 Chromatographic Methods of Instrumental Analysis 0.5
CH327 Bioinorganic Chemistry 0.5
CH328 Organometallic Chemistry 0.5
CH330 Introductory Biochemistry I: Biological Molecules and Aqueous Systems 0.5
CH331 Introductory Biochemistry II: The Chemistry and Energetics of Major Metabolic Pathways 0.5
CH340 Materials Chemistry 0.5
CH350 Biochemistry I: Bioenergetics and Catabolic Pathways 0.5
CH351 Biochemistry Laboratory I 0.25
CH352 Biochemistry Laboratory II 0.25
CH353 Biochemistry II: Anabolic Pathways and Membrane Transport 0.5
CH354 Biochemistry III: Structure and interaction of Proteins and Nucleic Acids 0.5
CH355 Bioanalytical Chemistry 0.5
CH356 Biotechnology 0.5
CH404 Organic Chemistry IV: Advanced Organic Synthesis 0.5
CH419 Principles of Toxicology 0.5
CH432 Biophysical Chemistry 0.5
CH440 Topics in Nanomaterials and Biomaterials 0.5
CH444 Computational Chemistry 0.5
CH445 Mass Spectrometry 0.5
CH450 Applied Enzymology 0.5
CH451 DNA Science and Technology 0.5
CH452 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory 0.5
CH453 Molecular Principles of Drug Design 0.5
CH454 Bioinformatics: Genomics and Proteomics 0.5
CH455 Computational Biochemistry and Molecular Modeling 0.5
CH456 Medicinal Chemistry 0.5
CH457 Special Topics in Biochemistry and Biotechnology 0.5
CH458 Biochemistry in Diagnostics and Therapy 0.5
CH480 Special Topics in Chemistry 0.5
CH490 Directed Research in Chemistry 1.0
CH495 Directed Studies 0.5