Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Honours BSc, BA, Conbination and Joint programs, General BSc, BA and minor:

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A student may cross-register at the University of Waterloo for a maximum of 1.0 credit in each of Year 3 and Year 4. Timetable conflicts will not be accepted as a valid reason for taking an equivalent course at the University of Waterloo.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
BI100 Principles and Processes of Biology 1.0
BI101 Introductory Biology 1.0
BI102 Introduction to Biological Science 1.0
BI210 Human Biology - Anatomy 0.5
BI216 Human Physiology I - Homeostasis, Control & Communication 0.5
BI217 Human Physiology II - Structure, Function & Integration 0.5
BI220 Human Biology - Physiology 0.5
BI223 Molecular Genetics 0.5
BI224 Genetic Analysis 0.5
BI230 Introduction to Cell Biology 0.5
BI231 Applied Cell and Molecular Biology 0.5
BI238 Introduction to Histology 0.5
BI239 Histology of Organ Systems 0.5
BI253 Comparative Chordate Zoology 1.0
BI255 Ornithology 0.5
BI263 Comparative Botany - Terrestrial Plants 1.0
BI264 Plant Anatomy I 0.5
BI267 Plant Anatomy II 0.5
BI273 Principles of Microbiology 0.5
BI274 Fundamentals of Applied Microbiology 0.5
BI283 Comparative Invertebrate Zoology 1.0
BI300 Environmental Toxicology 0.5
BI301 Biogeography 0.5
BI302 Evolution 0.5
BI304 Introductory Bioinformatics 0.5
BI305 Ecology 1.0
BI306 Topics in Systematic Biology 0.5
BI307 Limnology 1.0
BI308 Animal Behaviour 0.5
BI312 Introduction to Marine Sciences 0.5
BI315 Directed Studies in Marine Sciences 0.5
BI340 Principles of Recombinant DNA Technology 0.5
BI341 Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology 0.5
BI360 Phycology 0.5
BI361 Mycology 0.5
BI362 Bryology 0.5
BI364 Topics in Plant Anatomy 0.5
BI366 Systematic Botany 1.0
BI396 Special Topics in Biology 0.5
BI400 Topics in Environmental Toxicology 0.5
BI404 Advanced Topics in Computational Genomics 0.5
BI405 Advanced Ecology 1.0
BI409 Comparative Animal Physiology 1.0
BI420 Topics in Advanced Genetics 1.0
BI430 Microscopy 0.5
BI431 Microtechniques 0.5
BI438 Comparative Histology 1.0
BI440 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biotechnology 0.5
BI450 Advanced Marine Sciences 0.5
BI453 Mammalian Biology 1.0
BI457 Fish Biology - Diversity, Physiology & Behaviour 0.5
BI460 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants 0.5
BI464 Economic Botany 1.0
BI465 Developmental Biology 1.0
BI469 Comparative Plant Physiology 1.0
BI475 Microbial Ecology 0.5
BI476 Microbial Disease 0.5
BI480 Introduction to Parasitology 0.5
BI481 Principles of Parasitology 0.5
BI482 Insect Taxonomy 0.5
BI483 Entomology 0.5
BI490 BSc Thesis 1.0
BI491 Field Studies 0.5
BI492 BA Thesis 1.0
BI495 Directed Studies 0.5
BI496 Special Topics in Advanced Biology 0.5