Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Honours BA, General BA and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SY101 Introduction to Sociology 0.5
SY102 Critical Analysis of Social Issues 0.5
SY201 Sociology of Families 1.0
SY203 Sociological Theory 1.0
SY204 Social Inequality 1.0
SY206 Special Topics on Contemporary Society 0.5
SY211 Sociology of Physical Activity 0.5
SY216 Sociology of Aging 0.5
SY224 Sociology of Work 0.5
SY231 Sociology of Suicide 0.5
SY232 Sociology of Mental Illness 0.5
SY233 Sociology of Women 1.0
SY241 Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives 0.5
SY242 Sociology of Crime: Interpretive Perspectives 0.5
SY280 Research Methods I 0.5
SY281 Research Methods II 0.5
SY303 Sociology of Youth 0.5
SY305 Sociology and Cultural Forms 0.5
SY307 Political Sociology 0.5
SY308 Sociology of Mass Communication 0.5
SY309 Special Topics in Sociology 1.0
SY310 Directed Studies 1.0
SY311 Sociology of Religion 1.0
SY313 Sociological Perspectives on Canadian Society 0.5
SY316 Sociology of Education 1.0
SY318 Sociology of Deviance 1.0
SY321 Sociology of Medicine 0.5
SY322 Sociology of Health and Illness 0.5
SY323 Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine 1.0
SY329 Directed Studies 0.5
SY331 Social Change 0.5
SY332 Race and Ethnic Relations 0.5
SY333 Human Rights 0.5
SY334 Sociology of Gender 0.5
SY338 Women and Development 0.5
SY380 Religion and Social Change 0.5
SY382 Social Statistics 0.5
SY383 Advanced Social Statistics 0.5
SY387 Structural Theory in Sociology 0.5
SY388 Interpretive Theory in Sociology 0.5
SY401 Social Organization of Knowledge 0.5
SY402 Contemporary Issues in Social Theory 0.5
SY404 Ethnomethodology 0.5
SY405 Poverty 0.5
SY406 Environmental Sociology 0.5
SY407 Sociological Theory and Psychoanalytic Thought 0.5
SY408 The Sociology of Sexualities 0.5
SY409 The Sociology of Men and Masculinities 0.5
SY410 Theory and Practice: The Political Economy of Inquiry 0.5
SY411 Advanced Sociology of Physical Activity 0.5
SY412 Historical Sociology of the Family 0.5
SY413 Sociology of Embodiment and Disability 0.5
SY414 Social Movements 0.5
SY415 Sociology of Health, Illness and Gender 0.5
SY450 Advanced Directed Studies in Sociology 0.5
SY451 Advanced Directed Studies in Sociology 1.0
SY452 Advanced Special Topics 0.5
SY489 Advanced Qualitative Analysis 0.5
SY490 Advanced Quantitative Analysis 0.5
SY491 Senior Seminar in Sociology 1.0
SY492 Thesis 1.0