Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2012/2013
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Physics (PC/CP Dept)

Honours BSc Programs and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
PC120 Digital Electronics 0.5
PC131 Mechanics 0.5
PC132 Thermodynamics and Waves 0.5
PC141 Mechanics for the Life Sciences 0.5
PC142 Thermodynamics and Waves for the Life Sciences 0.5
PC151 Introduction to Mechanics 0.5
PC152 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Waves 0.5
PC161 Introduction to Mechanics for Life Sciences 0.5
PC162 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Waves for Life Sciences 0.5
PC200 Electronics Laboratory I 0.25
PC212 Electricity and Magnetism 0.5
PC221 Analog Electronics I 0.5
PC235 Classical Mechanics 0.5
PC236 Fundamentals of Photonics 0.5
PC237 Optics 0.5
PC242 Modern Physics 0.5
PC300 Electronics Laboratory II 0.25
PC310 Special Topics 0.5
PC315 Introduction to Scientific Computation 0.5
PC319 Digital System Design 0.5
PC321 Quantum Mechanics I 0.5
PC322 Solid State Device Physics 0.5
PC331 Quantum Mechanics II 0.5
PC344 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 0.5
PC360 Electromagnetic Theory 0.5
PC364 Data Communication and Networks 0.5
PC395 Directed Studies 0.5
PC400 Special Topics 0.5
PC421 Photonic Devices 0.5
PC450 Instrumentation 0.5
PC454 Solid State Physics 0.5
PC471 Analog Electronics II 0.5
PC474 Optical Networks 0.5
PC475 Design of Control Systems 0.5
PC481 Fibre Optics 0.5
PC482 Lasers and Electro-optics 0.5
PC491 Directed Research Project I 0.5
PC492 Directed Research Project II 0.5
PC495 Directed Studies 0.5
PC496 Interdisciplinary Design Project I 0.5
PC497 Interdisciplinary Design Project II 0.5