Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2010/2011
Canadian Excellence

Managerial Statistics
0.5 Credit

An introduction to classical statistics with emphasis on business and economic applications. Topics include probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression, analysis of variance, chi-square tests and non-parametric statistics. Students will be taught why, where and how statistical techniques are applied. The computer will be used extensively. (Cross-listed as EC255.)

Additional Course Information
MA103, MA110* or MA129 (or permission of the instructor). Prior to September 1, 2008: MA103 and MA104, or MA130. Restricted to Honours BBA students.
BBA/BMATH program, MA141, MA240, BU205/EC205, EC235, EC285.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision March 4, 2010: BU255 Prerequisite restriction added; effective September 1, 2010.