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May 30, 2017
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Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Laurier has a new Emergency Notification System (ENS) that expands the university’s ability to alert the Laurier community in the event of a significant safety threat.

The ENS is an integrated messaging system that enables the university to:

  1. Send an emergency message to the screens of thousands of university computers, locking these computers so that users are prompted to follow the directions provided in the message.
  2. Send a text message to every member of the Laurier community who has voluntarily registered a cellphone or mobile number with the ENS.
  3. Send a mass email notification to all staff and faculty accounts (the university is working to add student email accounts in future).

Members of the Laurier community are encouraged to register their cellphone or mobile numbers with the ENS. You will only receive a text message in the event of a significant on-campus emergency and for periodic tests.

REGISTER HERE: To register your cellphone or mobile number, you must have a valid LORIS ID and PIN. Log in to LORIS here ( and follow the instructions. 

Have a question? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section or email your query to

Text-messaging User Documentation Guide