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March 27, 2015
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The Mathematics Assistance Centre has been created to aid in the transition from secondary to university level mathematics.

The services the Centre provides can be grouped into two categories:  Diagnostic & Review and Course Support.  The first allows for the design of an individual program to refresh a student's knowledge in fundamental math skills, prerequisite to a university course.  The second includes, for example, homework sessions, mock tests and exam reviews, as forms of supplemental instruction to particular courses.  Content is presented in various modes, both on-line and in classroom settings.

Services are provided not only for mathematics courses, but also for courses with a quantitative component from other departments.

Location: Bricker Academic Building, Room BA401

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Directed Homework Sessions for MA101 and MA241 (Winter Term)
(Jan 18 - Apr 6)
Mock Math Exams
(Apr 7 - Apr 24)
MAC Review Session: MA122 Exam
(Apr 8)
MAC Review Session: MA100 Exam
(Apr 9)
MAC Review Session: MA121 Exam
(Apr 12)
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Drop-in Help Centre (BA401)

Winter Term hours:

Mon    11am to 8pm
Tues  10am to 8pm
Wed   10am to 8pm
Thurs 10am to 6pm
Fri     11am to 3pm 

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Support for select 200-level Math Courses & for Intro Statistics Courses also available!

"All mathematics is easy....
    once you understand it."

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Some Student Comments from the 2006/7 MAC Survey:

"The homework sessions were extremely helpful... The student tutors deserve a special mention because they are absolutely amazing and actually made calculus fun!"

"The MAC made the transition from high school math to university math much easier.  I would encourage anyone who needs a little, or a lot, of help to use the MAC.  MAC and Tina form an integral part of Laurier Mathematics and were greatly appreciated."

"Very helpful.  I went to the homework session only once at the end of the year, and wished I had went every week."

"The MAC definitely helped me obtain a higher grade in MA130.  The slow explanations are key to understanding some of the material.  Thanks Tina!"